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    I think he's fine, but I may be taking things for granted, I admit.

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    So I going to say up neons to 10 and keep every thing else at 6 to be on the safe side

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    Sounds like a good plan Mike, "better to error on the side of caution".
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    I would like to read it if you want to explain it
    ask ?'s and change some water pair of JD's and loving it.

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    Explain what?

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    Byron was gonna explain how floating plants or shading was helpful to our fish . If you asked him to.
    ask ?'s and change some water pair of JD's and loving it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eltylT View Post
    Byron was gonna explain how floating plants or shading was helpful to our fish . If you asked him to.
    That was back in post #9 where I mentioned the various factors that determine fish load, and plants was in those. I hope this isn't "hi-jacking" the thread...but it was part of the initial issue.

    When deciding on stocking, one has to consider the intended species' needs. There is now considerable evidence that stress is the cause of 95% of fish disease, and avoiding stress always means healthier fish. Probably "happier" too, if one could tell. Each species of fish is designed for a particular environment, involving not only water parameters but the aquascape (substrate, plants, wood or rock may all be part of this). And the number of fish of the species; shoaling fish need conspecifics or they will be highly stressed. Then there is the level of activity by that species.

    So when considering for example what to put in a 20g tank, all of the above has to be considered for each individual species. Active fish need more space than sedate, all else being equal. So a given tank might be capable of holding say 30 cardinal tetra...but 30 similar-sized active fish like a danio is overstocking the tank by quite a bit. And this goes beyond mere physical space, because water quality is directly linked to the fish. The 30 cardinal tetra have a smaller impact biologically on the water than do 30 danio, largely because of their lesser level of activity. And beyond this simple biological aspect, there is the impact of the stress caused to the danio by the lack of sufficient swimming space. The fish are now releasing pheromones into the water, telling each other "I am stressed, I don't have enough space" and so forth. And allomeones saying much the same are relased and read by other species, causing them stress. It just keeps compounding. And all from the fact that insufficient numbers of the species are in the tank, or the tank is too small for their needs.

    Fish that expect to be together in groups of hundreds may not need hundreds in the aquarium, but they need a group. The first scientific study on the effect of numbers was done a year or so ago, and it determined that in all species tested (angelfish, several tetra, and barbs if memory serves me), aggression was more prevalent when numbers were below five. In species that tend to be aggressive to begin with, like Serpae Tetra or Tiger Barb or angelfish, this aggression increased dramatically; and in normally peaceful species like neon tetra, aggression was apparent among themselves and toward other tankmates.

    Some species have more need of conspecifics than some others appear to. Rummynose tetra for instance are always in better health when they are in larger groups. Hatchetfish are the same. Most rasbora fall into this too, and pencilfish. Larger groups is always advisable with these species. And having more of them, means less stress and thus less impact on the tank's biology. So in this regard, what might otherwise seem to be "overstocking" is actually the opposite.

    Plants enter into this by their effect on the water, taking up all sort of toxins. Floating plants have the added benefit of calming almost all fish. Most of the fish we keep do not come from open water, but from heavily-shaded jungle streams, pools, ponds and lagoons. And they all have a "roof" over their head, whether floating plants or overhanging marginal vegetation. The sun rarely if ever penetrates this water. As many have written, these fish also show brighter colouration and more active interaction when overhead light is dim or shaded.


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    lol it helped me to so it's ok

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    so what do you want me to add change the number of fish to 10 neon tetra,8 black phantoms,6 or 5 cory catfish, and 8 hatchet fish or just stay a 6 every thing but up the neons to 10
    Last edited by mikemike; 09-10-2013 at 10:52 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikemike View Post
    so what do you want me to add change the number of fish to 10 neon tetra,8 black phantoms,6 or 5 cory catfish, and 8 hatchet fish or just stay a 6 every thing but up the neons to 10
    I thought you'd already decided...

    But, since you asked, if I were setting up a 20g planted tank with the named species, I would have 7-8 marble hatchets, 7 black phantom (4 male, 3 female), 5-6 corys, 8-9 neons.


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