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  1. Default Cleaning the slates

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    I have a pair of blue clowns, and a pair of platinum angels that have laid several times.. Eggs are nearly 100% going bad(turn white). The blues have spawned I guess seven times and are threatening to go again right now. I believe it was the third attempt I was able to bring four wigglers through out of 7 or 8..that is all the success I've had. I have to think there is a problem with maybe my slates are contaminated,..what is best way to "sterilize"? I keep thinking boil the slates, because I worry about vinegar or bleach may get in pores of slate. Thank you in advance..Jim

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    I wonder if the problem is not the slate but the water, the following paragraph was taken from here

    If you think that you've done everything correctly and you still can't get your angelfish eggs to hatch, or a very small percentage is hatching, then the following may apply. The angelfish pair may have a fertility problem. Changing one of the pair may help. Also, we commonly see young male angelfish that have not yet had the spawning instinct fully develop to the point where they properly follow a female up the spawning slate. Most of the time as they get older, they do a better job. Another problem may occur if your water is too hard. In very hard water the egg can fail to "harden". The angelfish egg normally hardens as it takes up water through osmosis from the surrounding tank water. The harder the tank water the lower the osmotic pressure becomes, thus less water flows into the egg and if it does not properly harden, it dies. You can reduce hardness with an R.O. filter or de-ionization filter. If your pH is very high, you may experience fry that bloat and then die before free-swimming. If so, bacteria is probably your problem and you may have to resort to massive water changes. I know some angelfish breeders who must do 95% twice a day in order to combat the bacteria.

    Bleach can be used to clean the slate. It will evaporate in about 24 hours, but if you are still concerned, after bleaching soak the slate in a good dechlorinator.

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    Thank you for very complete, on the spot diagnosis with very little information. I can feel better about cleaning slates now. My golds and blacks have very little problem hatching , I thought either my slates had been waxed or shot with pesticides,..some I'm not sure how they were stored. Then I figured a combination of the "higher inbreed factor" to produce the quality of fish(at least I think) and my "hardish" water 7.5 to 7.7 usually..could be on verge of making R/O necessary. However, I'm hoping the majority of problem is immature males.. Thank you very much.

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