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If I can't put the rings in the Whisper filter then where do I put them?
My apologies for not being as clear as I could have been. If you have a bag of ceramic rings now, I would place them in your tank so that beneficial bacteria can populate them now. Just place the rings in a mesh nylon bag and drop the bag into your tank so that in rests on the bottom substrate (gravel or sand). When the AC110 arrives, place the sponge that comes with the filter on the bottom of the media basket. Then, on top of the sponge in the AC110, place the bag of chemical media (carbon or purigen). The chemical media is optional, so if you feel that you need to use it, do so. Remove the bag of ceramic rings from the bottom of your tank and place them on top of the carbon or purigen in the AC110. If you decide not to use carbon or purigen in the AC110, you can replace it with more ceramic rings.

I would not place any ceramic rings in your Whisper filter as it is not designed to hold them. Leave your Whisper filter alone and let in run without changing the biobag. Let the Whisper filter and the AC110 run together for about a month or until the media in the AC110 is thoroughly populated with beneficial bacteria. At that time, you can decide if you want to remove the Whisper filter. If you decide not to remove it, remove the old biobag and replace it with a new biobag. Before placing new biobags in the Whisper filter, you may want to cut them open and remove the carbon if possible and replace the carbon with ceramic rings.