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    Default Adding ceramic rings and Seachem Purigen to filter's

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    I have a Tetra Whisper EX70 now, and I am going to get a Aquaclear 110 to run in my 55gal. tank also. I have two 500g boxes of ceramic rings, and I'm going to purchase some Purigen to put in the filter as well. Time for questions; How much of the ceramic rings do I put in the filter? The bag that they are in is huge so I'm not sure if I put all of them in there. Where do I place the rings inside of the filter? The fact that it is so large makes me think that you just set it in the back of the filter wherever it fill fit. When I put the Purigen in do I remove my carbon Bio-Bag from the Tetra Whisper, and if so, will I lose a lot of BB from the Bio-Bag? Or, should I just put one pack of ceramic rings in each filter, Tetra Whisper and Aquaclear 110, and put the Purigen in the Aquaclear because it will be new anyway. I know that I'm not supposed to leave the Bio-Bag in forever; so how do I know that there is a lot of BB in the ceramic, or is there even that much BB in the Bio-Bag to begin with? I'm know there are things I'm forgetting to ask but I hope someones answer will clear everything up for me.

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    Do you have gravel or substrate in your tank? If you do, the bacteria in there won't be affected.

    But anyway, don't throw the carbon Bio-Bag out. I'm not familiar with the shape but is it possible for you to stick it in the Aquaclear? This way, you can toss the ceramics in both filters, seed the Aquaclear with bacteria by putting the Bio-Bag on top of the ceramics. You can put the Purigen in the Tetra along with the ceramics and grow the bacteria in there as well. If the Bio-Bag doesn't fit in the Aquaclear, just run both normally and don't throw out the bag yet. Give some time for the BB to grow in the Aquaclear. This is especially important if you don't have substrate or anything where another colony of bacteria can live in.

    Now, how many fishes do you have in this tank and what is your feeding regiment? Generally, I don't like to use stuff like carbon or purigen and just use Bio media and filter floss and the good old water change. Does your water get dirty really fast? How much water change/cleaning are you doing per week in relation to your stocking and feeding?
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    I have gravel atm that was used as seed for my nitrogen cycle. Now that the cycle is done, I am going to switch to sand. I want to use the Purigen because it is rechargeable and it helps keep nitrates a little lower, plus other things. I currently have 3 Harlequin Rasbora, but I'm going to get 7 or more Rasbora when I change the substrate. I just ordered a bunch of stuff I needed from Amazon and I'm awaiting my shipment, which includes the Aquaclear, so I can't say whether or not the Bio-Bag will fit in it yet. Should I go ahead and Put one pack of ceramic rings in the Tetra filter that is in the aquarium now?

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    Filtration should be based upon the type of aquascape you have, meaning the fish species and plants (if any). You mention rasbora... are live plants planned? If yes, I would keep chemical filtration out completely, and not encourage biological filtration. You also want less flow from a filter with forest fish as opposed to some that require more current, so keep that in mind.

    Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
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    This is what I would do, just my opinion. I would place one pack of ceramic rings in your tank now. BB will begin to seed itself on the rings. When the AC110 arrives, I would then place the AC sponge on the bottom for the filter basket, then the purigen next and the ceramic rings next. Them the rings out of the tank and place them on the top if the AC110 media basket. I would not place any additional media in the Whisper filter as it is not designed to hold extra media, specifically ceramic rings. Leave the Whisper filter alone until it's time to change the bio bag. Then I would replace the bio bag with a new one, remove the carbon and replace it with ceramic rings.

    If you decide to leave out chemical media altogether, I would substitute bio media (ceramic rings) in its place.

    Make sense?

    You may be able to remove the Whisper filter in time, but I would leave it in place until the AC110 is fully seeded with BB. One step at a time.
    Last edited by Taurus; 09-06-2013 at 05:00 PM.

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    I'm just confused now. I am going to have sand substrate. My lights are not that high so probably just a couple java ferns on driftwood and some floating plants. As for fish I'm not 100% positive yet. I wanted 10 Rasbora and 10 of another schooling fish, but maybe I would be better off just getting 20 Rasbora. About 6 or so Cory Cats for the bottom, and an unknown centerpiece fish. Maybe a Betta.

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    the thing with fish keeping is that while we all agree it's a great hobby, not all always agree with what method to use or what steps are best. All suggestions here are good ones. I feel that Taurus's suggestion is the least complex and IME will work out just fine for your tank.

    as for fish - a betta would ADORE all that room but he might chase the Rasboras. In a 55 you could have a larger centerpiece fish if you like. You could easily have a single angel (start small so it will grow up with the rasboras and hopefully not consider them food as it gets larger)
    Another good choice might be one of the larger gourami's.
    and if you're looking for another small to medium fish - check out red wag swordtails. they are a beautiful velvety red, will make use of the entire tank and really add a lot of color. I don't see them mentioned on the AC much but they really are a great fish IMO. You could have 6 or so - just make sure you have more females than males as they are live bearers and the males constantly demand the female's attention. No need to worry about fry, as they generally eat them or the other fish in the tank will.

    I'd also up the school of rasboras to 20. they have little bioload and really look amazing in a larger group. You will still have room for 6 - 8 cory cats.

    Just for comparison, I have an angel, 8 cories, 6 zebra danios, 12 rasboras, a BNP and some apple snails in my 30 gal and the stocking level is just about right. No issues at all with water quality doing 50 - 60% weekly water changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taurus View Post
    This is what I would do, just my opinion. I would place one pack of ceramic rings in your tank now. BB will begin to seed itself on the rings. I would not place any additional media in the Whisper filter as it is not designed to hold extra media, specifically ceramic rings. Leave the Whisper filter alone until it's time to change the bio bag.
    If I can't put the rings in the Whisper filter then where do I put them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by acetune View Post
    If I can't put the rings in the Whisper filter then where do I put them?
    My apologies for not being as clear as I could have been. If you have a bag of ceramic rings now, I would place them in your tank so that beneficial bacteria can populate them now. Just place the rings in a mesh nylon bag and drop the bag into your tank so that in rests on the bottom substrate (gravel or sand). When the AC110 arrives, place the sponge that comes with the filter on the bottom of the media basket. Then, on top of the sponge in the AC110, place the bag of chemical media (carbon or purigen). The chemical media is optional, so if you feel that you need to use it, do so. Remove the bag of ceramic rings from the bottom of your tank and place them on top of the carbon or purigen in the AC110. If you decide not to use carbon or purigen in the AC110, you can replace it with more ceramic rings.

    I would not place any ceramic rings in your Whisper filter as it is not designed to hold them. Leave your Whisper filter alone and let in run without changing the biobag. Let the Whisper filter and the AC110 run together for about a month or until the media in the AC110 is thoroughly populated with beneficial bacteria. At that time, you can decide if you want to remove the Whisper filter. If you decide not to remove it, remove the old biobag and replace it with a new biobag. Before placing new biobags in the Whisper filter, you may want to cut them open and remove the carbon if possible and replace the carbon with ceramic rings.

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