I have asked for advise on disinfecting my 25 gallon tank setup which currently houses tiny bullhead catfish, I also have a 55 gallon setup which I am going to reset up after having to buy a new 55 gallon tank. A few months back I woke up and my 55 gallon tank brace that goes across was ripping and I had to immediately take out the fish and give them to the local fish store, a few weeks ago I bought a new tank at Petco when they had the dollar a gallon sale still on and I'm about ready to setup once again. My first question to ask for advise is that I use pool filter sand as my substrate, and before my tank started to bow due to the ripped brace I had an algae bloom on the sand probably due to a lighting problem, the bulb has been with the tank since I've bought it in 2008 and the tank was close to 15 yrs old at that time, so I'm sure the bulb was not producing enough wattage for the tank. This may not have been the reason for the dark green, hard algae problem but when all your water perimeters were right on and I also tried turning off the lights more often and even tried to decrease feeding of fish to very little which neither of these helped my last idea is that the wattage from the bulb has been causing this problem, and I had this problem a few years ago in Pennsylvania also. New bulb bought from Petco (check), new tank (check)...now should I keep my old sand and just rinse it out real well to get any old sediment and dead algae out of it or should I buy new sand? Also on my new tank there are all these labels stuck to the glass, what is the best way to get these off of the glass without leaving any gunky residue? I think before I set up the filter I'll replace the large sponge in my Aqua Clear 110 and start a fresh with that just in case,and since it is around 5 years old it probably couldn't hurt anyways. Thanks, and if you all have any advise I'd appreciate it.