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    Default Identyfying my fish

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    Hi all,
    My wife and Kids decided to sneakily buy me a fish tank for my birthday, since it has arrived (second Hand) i have had a problem identifying some of the fish in the tank. I have got mainly tetras but there is a couple of cichlids, so far i have found there are 2 rummy nose tetras 2 neon tetras but the others i cant seem to find any information .DSC_2829.jpgDSC_2832.jpg Hope some can help Thanks

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    The first fish is a Kribensis dwarf cichlid and the second seems to me like a black phantom or similar tetra. What size tank is this?

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    Hi thanks for the reply,
    The tank is a juwel lido 120 litre.

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    DSC_2830.jpg this is the tank

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    Lido 120 is a good tank with decent lights and filtration.

    I'd seriously recommend getting some more plants in there. I bet your fish spend most of their time at that little cluster of plants. Quick win would be to pop into a shop, get a medium sized echinodorus and some vallis and a pack of jbl 7+13 root tabs.
    You can also take the long term approache and make a plan. Check some layouts for inspiration and build it. for example could be easily adopted to this one.

    Second tip, all these fish except the kribensis really do best in a group. My advice would be to either get rid of a species or to bring up the number to at least 6. Don't do that all at once but stagger it. First week for example get 4 neons, wait two weeks and then get some rummy nose.

    If you plan to rebuild the tank you'd better do that first. Make a plan, get the supplies. Have temporary accomodations ready. Stop the filter, unplug the heater. Syphon water into the temporary tank (A 20-30 liter storage box would work well) Catch the fish. Drain the rest and rebuild. It's possible to do that in 4 hours.

    I also have some general tips for this particular type of filter, let me know if you want it.

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    Thanks for your replies. I would really appreciate the information on the filter, this is all new to me, I did have 9 neons in a small tank before this arrived. But slowly 7 disappeared the 2 that are left seem ok they have been in there 4 weeks now I presumed that one of the other fish have eaten them but they all seem to get along fine I will get some more plants asap. I have been told to remove the log because it may turn the water brown. do have all the testing kits and lots of research online the water condition is good I have done the water change twice in the 4 weeks I have had it Gh=0 Kh =0 Ph=6.0 NO2=0 NO3=0 to 20 temp 26 I am looking to add to the tank so any advice would be grately welcome.

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    There's no need to remove the driftwood as long as it's aquarium safe. The tinted water you may get is just from the tannins leaching and is of no harm at all. Many fish even prefer it. But it will stop leaching after some time which could be weeks or months. However, your weekly water changes will be removing some of it as you go along until it stops leaching all together. I think it looks nice in there.

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    Wrote this for another forum.

    All juwels come with an internal filter, on most models this is glued to the right corner of the tank. It can be a bit of an eyesore but it tends to do a very good job if used properly. It also hides the heater which is a nice bonus. Juwel now makes special small sections of background material designed to be glued to the filter box to make it less visible.

    The juwel filters draw the water in from the top and thereby also act a bit as a surface skimmer.

    First layer in the filter should always be the white poly pad. You can use official juwel ones or buy a big sheet and cut it to size to save a few pennies. This layer acts as a particle filter and stops the big debris. I find that I can rinse it out once under a running tap, after that it needs replacing. Do maintenance on this layer if it's dark brown and dirty.

    After that a coarse sponge should be used. This will already house some bacteria.

    Next up should be a basket of cirax. Cirax is juwel's ceramic medium which comes in a convenient plastic basket that fits nicely in the filter.
    If your juwel system does not come with one of those new practical inserts to remove the media then I would advice you to tie a piece of nylon line to this to allow for easy removal.

    Last in the stack is a fine sponge to "polish" the water or make it clearer.

    Juwel also makes some special action media.

    A fine sponge coated in carbon. Useful after medication or if you don't want any tannins in the water.

    Specially devised to remove excess nitrite. As juwel says it:
    "Nitrax is a biological filter on the containing specialist microorganisms to break down poisonous metabolites (ammonium/nitrite) in your aquarium"
    It's a coarse sponge. Tried it once, couldn't notice much difference. If your tank is in trouble this could be worth it.

    Ceramic media coated in an aluminium compound that will bind upto 12 mg of phosphate per gram of product which is not a bad ratio. I'd only bother if you have reasons to suspect excess phosphate

    Getting an excess of either and not enough of the other will lead to nutrient shortages that hurt plants and promote algae. I'd advice against using the nitrax and phorax unless your test shows you got a serious imbalance.


    1. Stop the pump by unplugging it
    2. Take off the exhaust pipe and lift out the pump
    3. Keep a bucket or container nearby and gently pick out the polypad, this does leak dirt so be careful not to leak it back into the tank.
    4. Draw half a bucket of water from the tank. Get out the sponges, take a look. If anything seems dirty give it a squeeze or two in the bucket. Try not to do this to all sponges at once, stagger it so you do one or two each week.
    5. Take a piece of thin airhose and syphon the bottom of the filter box, also in the compartment where the heater sits.
    6. replace the sponges in the order that you took them out.

    Don't be surprised if you find shrimp or little fish in the filter box, they sometimes can squeeze in and they find a lot to eat there.

    Juwel claims that you should replace sponges every 3-9 months. I find this only to be true for the special action media. The rest can be used until it falls apart and that's a LOT longer!
    Nitrax and phorax will be saturated after 6-8 weeks. Carbon can last a bit longer. After a nitrax sponge is full you can continue to use it as a coarse sponge.

    I take apart the pump every other week and use a few cotton swabs to clean in the impeller area and to clean the impeller itself. Gunk easily accumulates and will make the pump noisier and less effective.

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    In addition to this : to my believe nitrax is used to remove nitrates and not nitrites and ammonia. (though all sponges do this) There is a little slice in the sponge where you'll find 2 / 3 little pills. So nitrateremoval is a chemical and not a biological thing !!!! Juwel has more fairytale-solutions to my believe : that's why it's called gruwel or cruwel overhere in Holland (are you also Dutch talldutchie?). It's a shame for such a brand to my believe. Sponges can be used for years !!!
    No Cory, No Glory !!

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