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    Default 20g Long River tank... Hillstream style!

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    This is what I have, a 20 gallon long tank sitting empty. Given to me free of charge with a very small external chip on the corner. Water tested for a couple of days with no problems.. going to add a little aquarium silicon for good measure though. Did some research on the Manifold system and loved it so I am hooked on the Hillstream loach. I have my 3/4 inch pvc with T's and angles ready to be cut and put together. Not really sure what my Gph should be though, I have heard that around 10-15 x the volume should be sufficient so I am going on the top end at 300 Gph. I have also read the the way to go is with the dual powerheads and different levels is best, centering the current down the middle to leave a light er current on the sides. Plans are to slope the subrstrate downward with the current to provide and downhill effect. I have tried to get the question answered but cannot seem to get a response. 1: In regards to the filter sponge.. is there a option to use a filter with a medium or is the manifold build not set up with that in mine, and if that is the case would it be in the aquariums best interest to include a HOB. ( Can't see it doing anything but helping. Not sure what type of loaches yet as I don't even have the tank cycling yet. Any ideas as to something a little different to go with the loaches? I see most people add Whitecloud Minnows .. I might end up doing that but I really enjoy straying from the norm a little bit so any ideas or direction to look would be helpful. Really excited about this build, something like this is why I started up this hobby to begin with, replicating an environment inside a glass box is pretty dang fun. Well pictures will be coming.

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    Tankmates are difficult to select due to the requirements the Hillstream loaches demand with respect to bright lighting (to encourage algae), cooler water and a stronger flow from the filter. You can get some ideas here:

    Not sure what the pvc is for, assuming the loaches (?). These fish need lots of flat rocks on which to attach themselves, rasping off the algae and microscopic critters. Unlike most "loaches" these are out and about, not hiding in crevices in wood and rock. The above link has info on habitat and aquascaping.

    Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

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    The PVC is for a manifold that sits in under the substrate and sucks in water on one end through filter sponge etc and pumps it out through the power heads on the other side of the tank creating a constant perfect current flow. I will post pics once I upload them, in the meantime I don't remember seeing anyone post cutting measurements of the manifold so here goes... using 3/4 inch pvc pipe and fittings in a 20 gallon long tank the length wise was cut to 27 inches and the couplers were cut to about 3/4 of and inch the middle T's had to be cut down about 1/4 of an inch on either side to get it to fit snug ( some of the edging will vary slightly as you will want to file down the rough parts and it also depends on how good a cut you make). With these measurements it left little room to shift. This might not matter to most but I like things to fit like a glove. Thanks for the direction on finding tankmates I will check that out.

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    I don't know anything about requirements for loaches (like tank size) as there are several types that all grow to different sizes, but I will recommend that for a 20gal tank, your best bet is to have enough filtration for at least double the size of the tank. So that means a filter good for at least 40gal or two filters (which is usually recommended) so if something happens to one of them, you have a back-up.

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    I set up a very similar tank a few years ago. Here is a link to the journal:

    You can use it for ideas if you would like.

    Liters to Gallons conversion calculator

    "Keeping fish for any period of time doesn't make you experienced if you're doing it wrong. What does, is acknowledging those mistakes and learning from them." ~Aeonflame
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    I saw your journal Kingfisher.. gave me some ideas for the environment. That tank looks great. I think I am going to go with two Cobalt Aquatics Power Head/Pump MJ1200 pumping 295 Gph apiece. I found them on Amazon fairly cheap. I am contemplating using four smaller filter sponges vs two bigger ones. I figure I can just put a pvc duo outlet fitting on each manifold outlet .. I am thinking this might be more aesthetically pleasing .. I am assuming that the filtration will be the same .. any arguments against that are welcome.

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    Okay so I settled on the Marineland Maxi-jet powerheads with will pump out a combined 460 Gph and I am using a Slim 20 filter for added oxygen and bio filtration. Still have not settled on what and how many sponges I will be using but I get everything else on Monday .. gotta love amazon! lol Totally pumped about this aquarium and how it's going to look ( hopefully) still contemplating the substrate, thinking of going with sand after all. I have been waiting to cement the manifold until I get the pumps so I can make sure everything is snug and fits the way I want it. I guess I should start thinking about a stand in the mean time lol.

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    So Tuesday is the big day, my manifold is put together but I have not cemented it yet as I need to make sure everything will fit. I might need to shorten it to provide room for the powerheads but I will see when I get them in. Still undecided on the filters, I wanted to keep some space between the filters and the glass so i added a little extension moving the filter ports about 4 inches in, I might need to shave them down a bit for a little less distance but once again the path I take with the filters will determine that. Loach manifold.jpg
    Was thinking about using a filter set up kinda like this .. tell me what you think....whitedspongefilter-1.jpg

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