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    Default Problem with spellcheck ???

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    I am experiencing something wierd when I use spellcheck on this site. For example, I typed "cooler, arund 75" and the spellcheck caught the mis-spelling and suggested "around" for "arund" so I clicked OK. It "corrected" it to read: "coolaroundpund." Obviously, running bits of words together. This occurs always, but only here. Does anyone have any suggestons?

    I removed ieSpell from my PC and downloaded it again in case it had some glitch, but it still does this.


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    I use firefox, it has a spell check built in as well. It underlines words with a red line, just have to right click on the word and pick an option. Works rather well. No idea on iespell. If it's just for ie, well just about any other web browser is better than ie.

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    I don't think we have a spell check program on the forum

    It might be your web browser ?
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    Yes it is a part of the webbrowser.
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    I realize that, but I was hoping another member might have advice on how I can fix this. I'm not the quickest with PC issues.

  6. Default

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    You might want to try google Chrome as your browser . I've been told by a computer geek that IE is not a very good web-browser. Hope this helps you out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eltylT View Post
    You might want to try google Chrome as your browser . I've been told by a computer geek that IE is not a very good web-browser. Hope this helps you out.
    Thank you, I think I may just do this. I don't know why ieSpell is not working here, it did on my last forum, but there is something wrong at my end. IE is 64-bit and the ieSpell downloaded from here is 32, that may be something. B.

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    I don't know much about Chrome, never used it...not a big fan of Google, to say the least...but I've used Firefox for years , and always found it far superior to IE...but now I use another Mozilla product, Pale Moon, which is like a FF-lite.. faster browsing tahn FF but with all the great features FF provides, you can easily import all your FF extensions and add-ons to Pale Moon...see here:
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    ieSpell is, in theory, only designed to work with the 32 bit version of IE. So, that may be one reason for the glitch. I have also seen reports of iespell not working well with some forum software, but I cannot recall if those referred to vbulletin (which this forum uses) or not. It may be one of those two issues, or a combination of both?

    The short answer is that it is probably easier to switch browsers than to try to fix the problem, because it could be in iespell, or in IE, or in the forum software, or in some combination of these.

    For a built-in spell check, both Chrome or Firefox would work well. I, for one, second the suggestion of Firefox, an excellent browser. It also has thousands of add-ons you can install to customize it any way you want. I have never used Pale Moon, so I cannot comment on it, but it is a version of Firefox that has been optimized for Windows, so if you don't need parental controls or accessibility features (which Pale Moon lacks) it might be worth a try.

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    By the way, probably the easiest way for you to add spell checker is Internet Explorer 10 (the latest version of IE), which now includes a built-in spell checker. While it is true that IE used to be a terrible browser, Microsoft actually got its act together with recent versions if IE so that IE9 and IE10 are very solid browsers in terms of performance and security. If you are already familiar with it and do not want to switch, IE10 is an easy way to add spell checking.

    I also wanted to add some thoughts about Pale Moon. There are reasons I have stayed away from it (sorry Slap! ): Pale Moon is NOT a Mozilla product. It was developed by an independent developer using Mozilla's source code (which is open source). For me, having the name of Mozilla behind the product is important for a few reasons. The main one is product updates. Pale Moon does not follow Mozilla's release schedule. After all, it is the work of one person, who understandably cannot be expected to keep up with the work of a dedicated group with larger resources like Mozilla. This is critically important when it comes to security updates. I, for one, like knowing that I am getting any identified security problems fixed as rapidly as possible (call me paranoid!). Another reason is trust. Mozilla is a well-known entity, and its source code is routinely examined by a lot of developers to catch and avoid problems. This is not the case with Pale Moon. The guy might very well be extremely reputable, but his code is not subject to as much scrutiny as Mozilla's. There are also smaller reasons, but these two are the main ones for me.

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