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    Jenn, Deuce should be fine in the create for 7 hours if you walk him before hand and let him do his thing. That's how we trained our Labs and now we don't have to close the crate door anymore as they consider the crate their safe haven when we're gone.

    We have an outdoor kennel for them too and solved the digging problem with 12" x 12" concrete pavers as the flooring. The kennel is covered with a plastic mesh screening so they do have shade. Their paws are so big that they could dig a 12" x 12" x 12" hole in five seconds flat and I've got a feeling they probably would have dug around chicken wire in the ground.

    When in doubt, do a water change.

    "This ain't rocket science!"

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    I had never considered pavers...this may be the cheapest and best looking option long term. Thanks for the idea
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    I have smaller breeds but they are crated all day in the house and they are now 10 and 13 yrs old. I just think it is safer inside when you are not there and at 6 months it's time to get him used to the crate now. Outside you will always have to deal with weather issues - cold, rain, maybe curious people, kids taunting - and I've never understood people who just have "outside" dogs. I think they end up with a different temperament. I know that's not where you're going with this dog, but I think he will be a different dog if left outside all day without you around to respond to him if needed. Inside, the crate does become a sort of haven for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCHRKiller View Post
    I had never considered pavers...this may be the cheapest and best looking option long term. Thanks for the idea
    As always Jenn, you're very welcome.
    When in doubt, do a water change.

    "This ain't rocket science!"

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    My theory with a kennel is at least he can go to the bathroom, move around, play, and watch happenings in the neighborhood. So if it is kind of like the fort knox of kennels like I hope we can make it he will be safe. Deuce is a typical Pit...he is hyper attached to his family. He hates the crate and will probably never get accustomed to it. He deals with it at night because he is crated in our bedroom pretty much next to the bed. During the day he throws a tantrum of whining, barking, and biting at the crate latches. This lasts a good 20 minutes until he pouts the rest of his duration in there. We have tried making it a positive place, putting favorite toys and chews in there to no avail.

    I have been crating him when I leave this week and he is doing OK of course I can hear him having his tantrum from the driveway. I put a kong in there full of peanut butter, he has a bone, several toys, and I leave a television on a dog specific channel.

    Here is the 40lbs of mamma's boy
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    He's gorgeous. And a lucky dog.
    I would not put him on a tether line. Even if he didn't escape, he could get tangled and that could be tragic. We had a friend who tethered their dog and one day came home to find him strangled to death. He'd somehow managed to loop the rope or chain over something and ... well, it was very, very sad.

    Is there any way you could temporarily put him in your garage during the day in his kennel until you get the pavers and everything set?

    if not, I'm sure he'll be fine for a while in his crate. I'd leave music on for him - my hubby leaves it on 24/7 for the horses :o) If you have an old piece of clothing you no longer wear but has your scent on it, you might tuck that in his crate for him. Or one of your SO's sox. Something that smells familiar.
    Good luck.
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    fishmommie's suggestion is a good one if your dog is not a big chewer. My Silky Terrier was not much of a chewer so we used one of my son's old sneakers in her crate and she would lay her head right on it.

    But I have friends who just spent a pile of money for surgery for a lab puppy who ate socks and more which caused a large obstruction that had to be removed. So be careful there.

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    lol, he is an avid and powerful chewer. He has put holes in regular kongs if that says anything. With the tether we dont use that unless we are outdoors with him...our back yard also has absolutely nothing in it to become tangled on. It simply allows him to exercise without a leash. The garage unfortunately isn't an option as we have lots of things in there which could be eaten.

    Thanks all
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    I don't suppose you could dog-proof a room? I left my doberman the run of the house while I was at work, so he was inside all day - sometimes up to 12 hrs, but he had his couch and slept most of the time. My parents had a rambunctious pair of dobes, and they ended up converting a dog-proof room for when they left...pretty much empty except for dog beds, food and water and chew stuff. The door they ended up making with a steel frame and steel fencing - they could scratch and paw at it all day and not hurt a thing.
    I think the dog is fine for 7+ hrs indoors, I just personally would not like such a small space for that length of time...maybe you could just get a double sized crate, so he at least could get up and do the doggie stretch and three turns in between snoozes.

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    In my old house a dog proof room would have been an option, the new house is essentially half the size of the old and just a 2 BR as I converted the 3rd to my office/tank room. I also only have hardwood floors which I am sure would be destroyed with clawing and urine if left in a room all day. A larger crate is definitely an option I bought one which was supposed to last him through life but it is looking on the small side these days. We have definitely thought about buying a much larger crate. His is a 32x23x25 version...we have been looking at a 48x30x33 crate to give him some extra room.

    I forgot to mention he will only need to be confined around 7hrs per day 4 days per week.
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