Aloha AC! I am returning to your wealth of knowledge!

I was a member under a different name > 7 years ago. I began with FW planted --> African Cichlid --> into Nano Reef. I currently have an extremely modified aquapod 24 with a kessel 150 that I have had for over 6 years. I'm done with the nano so gonna give my coral and critters to a friend. I want to back-peddle a bit and setup a FOWLR. I was thinking something like a 40 breeder but I am open to suggestion. I want the AC think pun help me with suggestions of livestock for a 40g breeder, sump size, appropriate livestock, good skimmers, suggestions for powerheads,...etc..etc. I even dabble in herps...color morph beardies, crested gecko morphs in planted vivariums so my plate is full. Not to mention a very very naughty Himalayan Kitten. Any suggestions or help is very welcome. I have the bug again...but I want to start something new. I want to focus on the fish instead of being a slave to my corals...a change of pace is gonna be nice.