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  1. Default Sick/Injured Cory cat?

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    Hey guys, I just noticed that Paul, the smallest of my albino bronze corys (and smallest of the 4 I have overall) has a weird red spot on his/her belly and I don't know what it is. It's kinda got me freaked out because last time I saw this on a cory (on a tail) I lost two of them almost immediately (read; within 2 hours and a night.) This is in a different spot, and looks a bit different from that as well... but... what do I do? I can't exactly quarantine Paul because the quarantine tank is full of new fish getting ready to move in and I'm not allowed to get any more tanks until December... Please help.

    Pictures from both sides

    1 Tank: 15 gal;???

    2 Tank: 40 gal; fish: 2 Bronze Corys. 4 Mollies. 1 Albino Rainbow Shark. 1 Guppies. 2 snails. ? cherry barbs. 1 Betta Male, 2 Otos.

    Q-Tank; 1 Molly, 2 Bronze Corys.

  2. Default

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    Water readings:
    pH: 7.4
    Ammonia: 0 ppm
    Nitrite: 0 ppm
    Nitrate: 5.0 ppm
    1 Tank: 15 gal;???

    2 Tank: 40 gal; fish: 2 Bronze Corys. 4 Mollies. 1 Albino Rainbow Shark. 1 Guppies. 2 snails. ? cherry barbs. 1 Betta Male, 2 Otos.

    Q-Tank; 1 Molly, 2 Bronze Corys.

  3. Default

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    Well... Paul died in the night, as all my sick fish seem to do.
    1 Tank: 15 gal;???

    2 Tank: 40 gal; fish: 2 Bronze Corys. 4 Mollies. 1 Albino Rainbow Shark. 1 Guppies. 2 snails. ? cherry barbs. 1 Betta Male, 2 Otos.

    Q-Tank; 1 Molly, 2 Bronze Corys.

  4. Default

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    :( sorry to hear he didnt make it

  5. Default

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    Sorry to hear. How long did you have Paul and what are yiy feeding your Corys? Thibk your substrate can give problems as well (food and dirt will get in it). I think it's a bacterial problem of some sort, getting a chance because Paul (and others) were weakend. Cheers Aad
    No Cory, No Glory !!

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    Sorry for your loss
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    When I saw this thread yesterday, I was hoping a member or two would be able to tell us what this is, and any possible cure. I have very little experience or knowledge of disease issues, and when I have seen what is pictured here, the fish never survived long, and the last time I saw this I just netted the fish and destroyed it rather than have it continue possibly suffering. There is also the risk that something like this might spread if it is a pathogen.

    I would think this is something internal, judging from the deep red that seems to be into the fish. Careless netting of the fish in the store can cause this. But there may be internal causes too, that are similar-looking.

    Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Something we all need to remember: The fish you've acquired was quite happy not being owned by you, minding its own business. If you’re going to take it under your wing then you’re responsible for it. Every aspect of its life is under your control, from water quality and temperature to swimming space. [Nathan Hill in PFK]

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    Sorry you lost Paul. Bummer.
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  9. Default

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    I put bottom feeder tabs and pellets in twice a week (it's a community tank so most of the time I let them have leftovers from everyone else) and algae tabs 3-4 times a week (an average of 2 bottom feeder per time and 4 algae tabs per time, and yes, everything is eaten within 2 hours). I fast the day before I clean and I check my fish then for issues and didn't notice any.

    I've had Paul and George for... oh... I'd say about 6 weeks. John and Ringo (my other cory cats) I've had for closer to 2.5 or 3 months and I just got a new one (I was supposed to get 2 more so I would have 3 colored and 3 albino, but they kept dying on me so I'm gonna assume a bad batch and be happy with my one healthy one to replace Paul). I did lose 2 of my first four cory cats (the same group Ringo and John are from) to fin rot after I'd had them for a month, but I know why they got it and why it killed them and it was totally my fault and I learned from it.

    As for my substrate... I have a rather heavily planted tank (there are only a few spots where if you look straight down you see gravel, everything else is plants and deco) so I use a substrate made for plants, but I mixed it with smooth substrate and decently sized aquarium stones so the cory cats would have "soft" spots to lie down. Once PetsMart gets it in again I'm thinking of getting Java Moss as well to give them a "bed" of sorts if they want... and if they don't it will at least give my other fish stuff to play with.

    I still wanna know what happened to Paul and how to fix it, in case it happens again.
    1 Tank: 15 gal;???

    2 Tank: 40 gal; fish: 2 Bronze Corys. 4 Mollies. 1 Albino Rainbow Shark. 1 Guppies. 2 snails. ? cherry barbs. 1 Betta Male, 2 Otos.

    Q-Tank; 1 Molly, 2 Bronze Corys.

  10. Default

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    Think this is the problem : A : They need to be fed more than that and with their own food (they will eat the leftovers besides that) B : these fish are 95% carnivores. So only fed with algaetablets they really get healthproblems. Bottomline : they get too less food and what they get don't provides them with the right minerals, vitamins and proteins. Get real Corypellets, give (defrosted) live food, aso. Now and then an algaepellet won't harm them.
    No Cory, No Glory !!

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