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  1. Default Plants by delivery in the UK?

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    So...I need more plants..trouble is that all my local LFS sell plants that look a bit battered and dont really have a great range not to mention I would have to sell a kidney to buy a decent amount! They are ridiculously priced!. As a novice when it comes to planted tanks I wanted low maintenance, low demand plants that would grow nicely and make my tank look a little less sterile :)

    I found a website that seems to have good reviews and the prices are very good, they also have sets of plants depending on what you want them for so seems perfect for me but im unsure about ordering plants online..I know the folks in the states do it a lot but anyone in the UK had any experience of doing this? Im always a little distrustful of ordering anything online lol so I want to check its not such a radical thing to do

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    I have ordered plants online from two sources.

    One was from classified ads from fellow aquarists on UKAPS. See here: Very handy and I've picked up some interesting things from other members.

    One was from Plants Alive. The service I received from this place was excellent. I had a delivery in the heatwave and the lilies I'd ordered all melted. I emailed them to say that four out of the five probably wouldn't make it as they had disintergrated completely. They asked me to let them know how many died after a few weeks and they would send replacements. I did and received replacements (for all five, even though only four had died) within 24 hours. I was very impressed. They are incredibly cheap too; a fraction of the price of other places. One thing to be fully aware of though. These plants are NOT suitable for tanks with inverts as they come from the far east where they use pesticides that will kill shrimp etc.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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  3. Default

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    Thanks Firefly, as I am planning on getting some shrimps eventually I better steer clear of that! Many thanks for the warning.
    At least I know that other people order plants so it isnt such an odd thing to do :P I will check out the first link though :D

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    You can use them if you don't put shrimp in for around 8-10 weeks (doing plenty of regular water changes in that time) as the plants will eventually leech out the stuff that kills shrimp and will then be perfectly safe for them.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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    Oh aye, thats worth bearing in mind, it will be a while until I get shrimps, I will go and have a look. I have a feeling im going to end up doing a complete rescape as I dont like how it is atm :P

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    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

  7. Default

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    That jug is there purely for the loaches, they love it so I feel cruel removing it. I need to reorganise where I want everything and replant everything once I get my plants delivered. The driftwood I will probably leave there but properly tie the moss to it as it creates some interesting little caves where it is stacked on top of each other. I plan to add a couple of stones with anubias attached and hide the jug in some bigger plants, maybe Vals or something? I want to completely plant it out but I was unsure what to put where so now I have done a lot more research and sketched up an idea of what to put where.

    Any suggestions are welcome! I have seen your planting Firefly, its amazing!

    *On a side note, I think I mentioned this in another post, the airstone looks awful I agree but is a temporary fix for happier loaches, I intend to reposition and hide it better :)*

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    I don't mind the jug in there. It'll be less noticable once you have more plants. It's a nice looking tank and I like your wood and cave.

    Vals are good but I don't find they fill out backgrounds very well under my care, they're nice enough though. I like hygrophila sp. and ludwigia sp. for textured, bushy backgrounds. There's a lovely red variety of ludwigia I have at the moment (although the tops are growing green). Lilies are a new favourite of mine and I've had some success with stargrass (ordered from Plants Alive) which I really like the look of.

    I've had super success with alternanthera reinecki pink in my 30 litre tank, but I can't get it to grow in my 350 litre where it just melts and dies, and I'm not sure why. I'd recommend browsing the site and seeing what you fancy. It can be a bit hit and miss with some plants in my experience. You can always order smaller groups (of say, five of each variety) and plant them up to see how they go. Any real successes you can either order more of in larger numbers, or take plenty of cuttings and replant.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

  9. Default

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    Im googling them all as we speak :) Pictures when it is rescaped ;D

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    You should start a journal to document the changes in your tank over time. It's really nice to go back over to see how you've done.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

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