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Thread: sick Platy?

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    Default sick Platy?

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    hey, one of my platies is behaving strangely. I keep thinking I'm going to look into the tank and find him dead one of these days. After feeding she just sits at the bottom of the tank in the gravel or inside a plant. She always looks bloated or swollen but her scales and colour look fine. Also she is missing a fin from her side, she was like that when i bought it. When i first seen it, about 4 or 5 days ago i thought she was just heavily pregnant and about to give birth but she is still acting the same. I'm thinking that she is eating too much food and because she only has one side fin she is getting tired swimming about. Or could she be constipated? How would i cure that? I sometimes feed my fish boiled peas to help their digestion, do you think this might help? When I went to feed the fish this morning she was swimming about and came up to the surface quickly to be fed, so I'm not sure if she is sick or not.

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    Im sorry I can't help but
    i'm sure someone will. good luck and hang in there.
    ask ?'s and change some water pair of JD's and loving it.

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    If this is only occuring after feeding then it may be related to the platy(being a very gluttonous species) eating too much and then having the food swell up additionally in its stomach. Depending on what other tankmates there are, you could just not feed for a few days to let the fish work out all the waste from its digestive system.

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    hey, thanks, I have angelfish, pearl gourami, neon tetras, lemon tetras, rams, cories, swordtails and other platy. You think 2 or 3 days would be ok without food?

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    I had a platy who did this, it happened after he wedged himself behind my old filter and got stuck there overnight, I dont know if he damaged his swim bladder or what but he would swim with his bottom half much lower and would sit on the bottom a lot. He always ate however and would move around occasionally but when he rested he would just sort of lie awkwardly. Hopefully your platy is just constipated and recovers quickly with the advice given. Good luck! Keep us posted on her progress :)

    Side note: if you're worried about fasting your platy and dont want to fast your other fish could you not put the platy in another small tank or something until she recovers? I know not all of us have spare tanks lying around but just incase you have a QT or something?

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