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Thread: Rocks only!!

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    Default Rocks only!!

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    So a friend of mine came across a 20 long ( 12WX12HX30L) a year ago in somebodies garbage. ( ??? I know) So she thought she wanted one and a year later it's still in here back yard. She gave it to me today and although it is need of some serious cleaning first I am already thinking of what to stock it with. My dilemma is I want an all stone/rock environment and no plants. I have tones of this Red Sandstone all over my property ( 13 acres worth of the stuff), it's red due to iron content and I have already tested it safe. I would like to use it with maybe some driftwood .. maybe some holey rock. I cannot seem to find anything that does not need/prefer a planted aquarium. Are there any ideas that anyone can throw at me. Really only wanting something kinda interesting that are peacefull and wont pick on the cleanup crew.

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    You could do a tank with neolamprologus multifasciatus or multies as a lot people call them. They are an lake tanganyika cichlid. Their natural environment doesn't have much or any plants. I think you would like them. Substrate you can get the sand mix from the store, or go with any sand and put some crushed coral in there. You would need to put in maybe 2-3 shells per fish into the tank. The most affordable shells I found were 'whale eyes' on ebay, about a pound of 1 - 1 1/2" shells cost me about $15 shipped, that was about 80-100 shells. Holey rock works well in tanks, and other types of rock.

    Another thing I liked about them was the tank was so easy to landscape. Basically I flattened out the sand evenly, arranged the rocks and shells how I wanted them, add the multies into the tank. Then go to sleep, by the time you wake up the next morning, the multies will have rearranged the tank on their own. They'll move into the shells they want, and move the sand all over the tank. They will bury shells they don't need, and dig small pits and hills all over the place. The cool thing about them is many generations of multies will live peacefully with one another. Probably want to start of with about 6 multies, that will give you a good chance of getting at least one female.

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    Oh also, you mentioned the tank was outdoors for at least a year. May want to check the tank over for any peeling or cracked silicone and test it for leaks outdoors. A few gallons of water leaked on the floor can do a fair bit of damage.

    Also the sandstone you mentioned would work in an african cichlid tank, would help get the pH to where it needs to be for them.

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    I was hoping shell dwellers would be brought up, I have no experience with them and was not sure if they would go well in a 20L. do you think any of the shell dweller species would be okay ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctallant View Post
    I was hoping shell dwellers would be brought up, I have no experience with them and was not sure if they would go well in a 20L. do you think any of the shell dweller species would be okay ?
    Multies are the only ones that I know of personally that would work well in a 20g long. May want to look up some other shell dwellers, but I think you would limited to just one pair. Aggression may be an issue in such a small tank, so choices would be limited. Many cichlids can be aggressive to each other so hard to keep together in a small tank, sometimes a cichlid pair won't tolerate other fish in the tank regardless of tank size.

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    hmm gotcha, k well I will keep that suggestion at the forefront and do some research on them then. Thanks

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