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I haven't tested this tank in a long time, as it's been stable for years now. No mystery deaths. I am quite certain tho, that my nitrates are more than 10 - my last recorded levels were 20ppm, and I have no reason to suspect that would have changed, as I don't do anything to modify the water and haven't for years. The thermometers show 76 and 77 degrees. The tank is not planted, but has wood for the plecos. And yes, I do have a group of them - I've seen for myself how differently schooling fish act when they are kept singly compared to being kept as a group.
I'll have to check the dates on my old test kit...likely I will have to buy a new one...
I would check those nitrates just to be certain. 20ppm is the safe max for most all the fish we keep [I know, people will say up to 40ppm, some even higher, but this is just not safe] and below 10ppm is best. Some floating plants will help with this, they are easy, unless you have nitrate in the tap water. That requires a different solution.