I recently just moved into a new house and have a completely empty room to house tanks. I had a 40g and a 75g and rehomed the few fish i had and wanted to start from scratch when I moved. I think I'm gonna sell my other two tanks after seeing this deal on Craigslist. He says its a 125 Gallon Tank at 72 inches long- 22 inches wide- and 26 inches tall with a stand and lid for $200. I did the volume calculator and with those dimensions it says its a 178 gallon tank. Is that right or am I doing something wrong here?

I have the space and some equipment, and I have the money to invest in better stuff, especially after selling off some things I have. But now the question is what to do with it if I get it. my 70g was a brackish with some F8 Puffers, and I'm thinking about getting a Fahaka Puffer and that's it. The idea of a super community tank also sounds pretty awesome with that much space.

My 38 gallon community was pretty basic, a few platys and mollys and some dojo loaches. I want to do something exotic and different and i have a blank canvas and an open budget.

Let the suggestions roll in please!