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Thread: 180 stocking

  1. Default 180 stocking

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    Seems I wonder away from the forums when all my fish wants are content.

    So my big 125 community is getting yet another upgrade, started with a 75 and now. Ok my current stock.

    3x blood parrots
    2x severums
    2x angels
    1x swordtail
    7x lemon tetras
    1x DG
    1x platy
    1x bgk
    15x mix of peppered and green cories.

    I'd like to add a turquoise sev and maybe some wild colored rainbow fish. Maybe some more lemons. Open to all suggestions.

    Ps. Don't start on my parrots please ;)

  2. Default

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    Boesemani rainbows and Red rainbows are the most stunning in my opinion. Red rainbows are a little harder to find, but their color is just amazing.

  3. Default

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    I believe Boesemani are the ones you can get blue greenish and orange. they look good. Id like some fast color flying around and I have seen tanks and they jet across water. Figured theyd also out run my sevs, though they are pretty peaceful
    Last edited by Angelfish11788; 08-21-2013 at 11:53 PM.

  4. Default

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    If you have them in a school of 7 or more and your tank has plenty of hiding areas, it would be perfect. Another type of excellent rainbowfish are madagascan and dwarf neons, but they arent quite as colorful. Madagascans do give your tank a nice look though. You could also add more lemons, raise it up to 10 or 12. And what are the abbreviations you have listed? DG=Dwarf Gourami? bgk=?

    Your tank has plenty of space in my opinion, and I think it could maybe also home a type of peaceful loach. Maybe Dearf Chain loaches or Black kuhli.

    Could you also tell me what's the fuss over blood parrots? They don't seem aggressive at all to me.

  5. Default

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    black ghost knife, still small and possibly movable, oh my parrots are fine, just there are threads and a few members that I can remember that like to start because they are the dreaded hybrid devil fish, lol

  6. Default

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    Oh, I see. And a black ghost knife really isn't that bad depending on how long your tank is. It would still be too aggressive at adult, though.

  7. Default

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    he is about 6 in and stays to himself only aggression he has ever shown was toward a parrot for messing under his driftwood, it was funny. as said on prowl though after 180 is sat up, for a 125 for him and maybe and Oscar

  8. Default

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    A 120 could hold much more than just a blood parrot and an Oscar...

  9. Default

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    I meant getting another 125 for a he knife and an Oscar; maybe another mid size fish, anyway picking the big 180 study, so excited

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