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    May 2013
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    Default Guppies acting strange?

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    I was just over watching my fish tank since something in there got my cats attention (she doesn't normally care about my fish since she knows she's not allowed to eat them). I noticed that my male guppies (I have 5 male guppies, and 5 male mollies, with no females because dang it I don't want the responsibility of baby fish!) are acting... ummm... strange to say the least. Strange how you may ask?

    1) Flipping their anal fins forward and trying to jab one another (considering that this would be how they inseminate females I am hesitantly calling this gay).
    2) showing off to my female cherry barb, my questionably sexed albino rainbow shark, my 2 snails, and my cory cats (showing off in the same way that mating videos on youtube show them showing off.)
    3) ignoring food for the first time ever.

    I'm not too worried about any of that really, given that I know I feed enough that they won't starve too much if they don't eat for a day or 3 (plus I put algae tabs and bottom feeder rounds in every evening so they can nip at those when I go to bed) but I am curious as to what's going on. It's absolutely fascinating to watch how my community tank works together and as a biology student I always want answers when they do something that I wouldn't expect like they're doing now.

    I have my own theories about what they're doing and why, but I want to hear from other fish owners and science-y people.

    My theories
    1) Dominance establishing - I kinda doubt on this theory because all of my guppies have been in the tank for oh... two or three weeks? together (and some of them have known each other longer due to quarantine)

    2) Stress - They don't have any girls, and that tank is pretty much brimming with... well... testosterone if that is indeed what male fish have (sorry if I'm wrong). So they may just be... well... pretty literally sticking things out to measure who's the bigger boy.

    3) "A Hole is a Hole" - do I need to explain that?

    4) Outside factors - I'm still fairly new at keeping fish and don't understand a whole lot about them, so there could be outside factors (territory, lighting, chemicals in the water (despite my water conditioner) or such) that would cause this behavior.

    So, tell me what you think, or if you've seen this before.
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    I don't think homosexuality in fish has ever been proven and male guppies are well known for #3 (like pigeons with fins really)

    Could be hormones, could be a temp change, could be them getting used to the tank. Might wanna break out the water test to make sure there's no problems.

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    May 2013
    East Kansas

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    【ツ】 - korith   


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    I did that when I noticed the odd behavior (any time something changes in the tank that wasn't my doing I test the water... call me paranoid but in 2 weeks on this forum I learned that that tends to be the issue) nothing's different than it usually is, and it's usually good (pH can be a bit high sometimes, but since I don't wanna screw around with chemicals I can't change that, I just take my time acclimating fish when I bring them home from the store.)
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    Feb 2013

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    #3 for sure. I have male feeder guppies in my 20L, they are constantly after the black skirts and black neons. Another tank they are after the cloud minnows. Another tank the tetra pristellas and long finned danios. I think they just don't know what to do with all their spare time

    have a blessed day
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