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    Default Betta rescue Mission!

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    I was at work the other day and a coworker was commenting on these betta's she had been given about a year ago. When I inquired as to what kind of tank she was keeping them in ( I was curious just to see what type community she was keeping them with since I am new to aquariums), I was stunned to find out that she had them in what seemed to equate to a .5 gallon divided into two .25 gallon compartments ( my words lol ). I then inquired as to how often she cleaned the water since I had heard that it is almost a daily routine with coffee cup aquariums. She replied that she only cleaned them once every couple of weeks to month! This had been going on for a year! I am no save the whales type of person ( as a matter of fact I am looking at a couple of white wings outside my window wondering when dove season starts), but I was appalled at the poor conditions the fish were being kept in. I asked if I could take them from her ( she had previously mentioned how she never really wanted them in the first place) and she agreed, I took them home this past Monday and started putting together the new home for my new friends.
    Be as it may, I have always considered Betta's to be along the same lines as a Teacup Chihuahua and I had wanted one about as much ( not at all) but here I was taking in two males with fins that looked like they had been through the shredder. I have kept them clean and fed and now we will play a little rewind,

    Tuesday: Paid 13.00 for a stock ten gallon tank.. nothing fancy. Found a Ultra thing Marina filter pump for about 11.00 and decided on a sand substrate.. I knew that I was going to put in a Red Iron/Sandstone ( done plenty of research on it and they are okay, tested several myself for about 3 days with only a very minor increase in PH) I chose to go with a standard beach color sand. Outside of that I had some extra fake plants at home and I figured I would make it work with that.
    10 gallon split betta tank.jpg

    Wed: I waited a day to let everything settle and let the pump run, chemicals had already been added, including some instant aquarium additive for good measure. I stopped on the way home at a LFS and after talking to the lady to find out how to go about finding a divider that betta's cannot see through very well she came up with the great idea of using an old under-gravel filter cut to size. It was going to be free but I gave her a couple bucks for the help anyways. I had a hard time cutting the filter to size since in my infinite wisdom I decided to use my Gerber multi tool saw. ( I know not too bright) I got it done with minimal damage though. I would suggest a pair of snips, maybe heat the blades slightly first. It fit really snug after a little trimming and I feel it was perfect, water can flow through and it keeps the two males from messing with each other. I did add a second filter to the other side just to make sure both sides are filtered correctly. This will be changed to a Lighted wand/bubbler since I feel that one is going to be plenty. Stones and some plant life was added and water was topped off. Betta tank step two.jpgold undergravel filter for divider.jpg
    You will see that I also added two betta hammocks.

    Friday: I bought two heavy rubber sink mats with a drain hole in the center, cut them to size and violaaa .. a hood with feeding holes on each side lol I used a metal mesh drain plug to cover the holes when not being used. lol It works great though. I also added some guppy grass because I was told it would help lessen the current ..WROONNNGG!! Absolutely a horrible suggestion, I ended up loosely rolling up some unused ( rinsed) filter cotton and put it inside the intake .. perfect. Works great.. It was at this point that I could not stand to leave the betta's in there little dungeons and decided to do a fish in cycle. I know it's more of a hassle but I just could not leave them hanging. introduction.jpg
    It was at this point that I quickly found out that if betta really wanna get to the other side .. even what might seem like the smallest opening is a canyon of a hole in there eyes. I ended up having to separate them back into there respective sides several times before I saw what was happening.. in the wedging in of the divider two pieces had cracked off and made an opening just big enough for the smaller ( and obviously more aggressive) of the two to get through. I then stuffed some fake plants into the openings by the roots and thought that would be the end of that.introduction 2.jpg

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    Its good that you took some "before" pics. Now, after 6mos, you'll be able to see how much better they look now that they are being properly cared for!

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    good for you for rescuing those poor bettas. you did a great job. they won't know what to do with all that room for a while. Hope your divider doesn't give you any more problems.
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    UPDATE: lol few hours later I come back in to find the purple midget the bigger of the two ( pinkish white) in a lip lock and dragging him to the bottom of the tank. I separated them and discovered that I had not put one of the plants in very securely and it had come out. I quickly remedied that and made sure it would not come out unless I took it out. the purple got through somehow.jpg

    Saturday: All is well, no more UFC Betta style. Both look very happy, Purple is taking longer to acclimate, he hides alot. He has taken to going into the little cave at the bottom. Have not named either of them yet so I just go by color. The pink fella made a bubble nest today. I was happy to see that. I guess introductions are in order .. It is my pleasure to introduce Mr. Purple and Mr. Pink. ( Resevior Dogs lol)
    Mr. Pink 1.jpgMr. Purple 1.jpg

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    As of today both have made bubble nests, I placed a background of river stone and used a strip that is about 1.5 inches wide and put it along the front bottom.. purely aesthetics but its fun so why not lol.Sunday.jpg.
    If you look closely you can see Mr. Purple going into his little hidey hole lol.. not sure why that is.. I ready that they are more of a top level fish. I am going to start a series of treatments for the fins in about 2 weeks.

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    they are bedraggledy looking little guys, aren't they? And bent on mutual destruction. They do make actual tank dividers, if you have any more issues with your DIY divider you might want to check them out. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for them to get finny pretty again.

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    when they are in their own tank, they go where ever the heck they want. They wiggle into all corners, checking things out, until they find their favourite places. Once they find where they are most comfortable flow and perch wise, thats where they will spend the majority of their time.

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    Good on you for rescuing them and giving them a better home! After what they've been living in, I'm sure they'll be fine with a fish-in cycle with someone watching the parameters!

    What kinds of plants are those, plastic or silk? Plastic plants will shred betta fins. And unless they have fin rot, usually warm, clean water is the best medication for healing betta fins!
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    Well it was just brought to my attention by Sarkazmo through a previous thread of mine that I can make a perfect diffuser out of gatoraide bottles. What I like most about this idea is that it will not inhibit the intake flow. My current method it turns out is somewhat archaic and slows down intake quite a bit. The thought of using moss or other like products in it for the added benefits is a pretty awesome idea in my mind, I get pretty worked up over inventive concepts like this. I think it will really help the aquariums environment as a whole also. Happy Fish. :)

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    In a divided tank, they have be not be able to view each other. Many have been known to get over to the other side killing the other. I don't like divided tanks anyway. It's about $12 to buy a 10 gallon (tank only) and $8 for a 5 gallon. For that money, I can't see using a divider. Glad you see you have improved the living situation.

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