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  1. Default Is my tank cycling?

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    i have been doing tests for nitrate nitrite and ammonia for the past 3 weeks and today my tank reads 0.5ppm ammonia, 2ppm nitrite, and 20 ppm nitrate. I have been using cycle bacteria (it comes in a bottle) to try to speed up the cycle. Can anyone tell me if my tank is almost done cycling or if i need to do something in order for it to get "up to speed". Also is this reading normal for this time in the cycle?

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    Welcome to AC!

    Your test results are fairly normal, but its hard to judge without more information. How much ammonia are you dosing daily? Its the amount of ammonia that gets used up/converted daily that gives you a good idea of how close you are to finishing. Increasing the temperature of your tank can help things along a bit faster. If you can get used media from somewhere thats even better.
    I don't have much faith in those bottles of bacteria, I think it gives you a false indication of your cycle progress. If your ammonia is being used up by the bacteria you are adding, then you don't really have an idea of how much bacteria you have in your filter.
    Once your tank is using up around 2.0 ppm of ammonia per day, and your nitrites are 0, then your cycle is complete.
    There's a great sticky on cycling at the top of this forum, I suggest you give it a read.

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    Hello, i am not actually using ammonia, i have two yellow lab cichlids in my tank currently and have had them for about a week and a half or so now. They are hardy fish and they seem to be holding up fairly well in the current water conditions. It is also a 50 gallon tank if that matters in any way, and yes i will give it a read thanks for the suggestion.

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    You have 2ppm nitrite with fish in there? Do a water change NOW. Above .25ppm ammonia or nitrite is toxic to fish!

    Once you've completed the water change, go read the fish-in cycle sticky. That has a lot of information that you will need.
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    i did a 10% change today and got the results in after, should i do a larger one right now? like a 50% or something?

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    Base the size of your water change on the ammonia and/or nitrates that you have in your water to bring it down to 0.25 ppm.

    For example, if your ammonia or nitrite hits 1ppm, then complete a 75% water change to bring it back down to 0.25ppm.

    In your case with 2ppm of nitrites, I would suggest at least one water change of no less than 75%, followed but another water parameter test about 20 minutes later followed by a second water change should the readings still be over 0.25ppm

    There is a link below in my sig to the cycling with fish thread that also explains the process
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    Fishless Cycle Cycling with Fish Marine Aquarium Info [URL=""]

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    Oh wow i had no idea my water was that bad, thanks for all your help guys i will try to do the water changes tonight. Thanks again for potentially saving my fish! This is my first tank so i am new to this and may have more questions later on im glad i have found a place i can count on for advice. The fish hobbist stores don't really give the most insightful advice when it comes to these matters.

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    m0st 0f the time the cl0wns that they hire at the LFS aren't w0rthy 0f a backyard circus, they just want t0 make m0ney by selling stuff t0 y0u. Ask all the questi0ns y0u want here, s0me0ne is always willing t0 lend a hand t0 steer y0u right. Every single 0ne 0f us had t0 start s0mewhere and n0w it's y0ur turn. Welc0me h0me, bud, I h0pe y0u enj0y y0ur time here with us!
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    What are you using to test? Strips, liquid kit or taking water to the fish store?
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    Haha i already feel at home! And bought a liquid test kit

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