If you want another Euro entry...quick, fresh, healthy, and delicious.

Anchovy Linguine with Tomato, Garlic and Parsley

Cook the linguine and set to one side (having lightly dressed it with olive oil to stop it sticking together).

Get two or three tablespoons of olive oil warming in a pan (actually, this works best in a wok) with two cloves of very finely chopped garlic. Cook the garlic really gently (VERY low heat). Just as the garlic starts to soften and move add a can of anchovies (the cans here are small - not sure about over there) and stir them until they begin to soften and break up. Again - over a very low heat - you don't really want anything frying here or going brown. After about 5min you'll end up with a rich, garlicky anchovy sauce with no recogniseable "pieces" of fish.

Throw in the pasta and toss in the pan. Throw in a good few handfuls of chopped (you want cubes of tomato around thumbnail size) and deseeded tomatoes (I like to use baby plum tomatoes as they are rich, flavoursome, and sweet) - you don't want the jelly/seeds in them as this will make it too wet. Very quickly warm them through amongst the pasta but you DO NOT want the tomatoes to cook at all as this is a fresh tomato pasta recipe. In the last 15 seconds toss in a good double handful of fresh, chopped parsley. Serve.

This dish goes nicely with chili flakes sprinkled over the top if you like a bit of a kick. I've not really put amounts but this does enough for two.