I just rescued a covict cichlid from a irresponsible owner. I have been researching non-stop about cichlids for over two weeks and joined this site because I plan to make the rest of its life better and get information when needed. I have two tanks. One I plan to fill with Malawi Lake Species and the other withbspecies that are from central or south america. i have been told 8 cichlids in a 50-60 gallon tank is a good overcrowding size for low agression levels.

first tank: 55 gallon

fully prepared with arg. Sand along with 12 hiding places and plants with a synodontis angelicus catfish and a lone convict fish. They ignore eachother mostly.

I need opinions on what fish I should get to fill.

i need enough species to keep them from being to agressive towards like-patterened fish. Can anyone help me out?