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    Why not consider a standard JD rather than the line-bred (and far more sensitive) EBJD? They are arguably more attractive, and as a cichlid beginner I think that would be easier on both you and the fish.
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    There is a standard JD (female I think) in one of the tanks, I think for now I'll concentrate on looking after them at work before I commit to taking them home :) They are also a beautiful fish, but EB's have the edge imo :P

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    Oh man. I'm so sorry about the EBJD. If you are interested in aquiring a healthy, hardy and gorgeous line of EBJD's for your store check out this guy: Rick Coye. He raises EBJD's exclusively and states his fish experience none of the digestive problems that usually do them in.
    Just google his name to see utube videos.
    Again. really sorry about the fish
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    Sorry FishMommie I only just saw that post and will definitely check him out although I'm in New Zealand so would probably be unable to get any of his fish.

    So I walked in today and there are 2 more EBJD's, about 12-13cm long, in a 50Lx30Hx40D tank. Ideally I'd like to give them a tank each but at the moment I'm really short for space, we've had a tonne of large and aggressive fish brought in recently. Why they think these will sell well to parents who want something cheap for a kid's 20L tank is beyond me, but such is life.

    If it's definitely needed I'll try and shuffle things around to find them a tank each. Do you think it's really, really vital to separate them at this point, or would giving them different caves be sufficient?


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    If I converted 13 cm correctly the EBJDs are around 5 inches. That is a small tank. Do you have a tank with any larger tetras - say good sized blue and red tetras (Colombian)? they are mellow fish and my ebjd ignores them completely. If so, you could put one in with them and be safe.
    Otherwise, if the two are not currently aggressive toward each other, I'd simply watch them carefully and yes, give them a crock or a make a cave for each of them to call their own.
    Mine is in with other cichlids and shows no aggression - but he's only 4 inches at this point.
    As you know, it often depends on the fish - some are very mild mannered and others demanding.

    How's the new job going?
    30 g FW planted:corys, female ABNP, blue angel, harleys, zebra danios, rummies,
    15 g FW planted:2 male guppies, neons, pygmy corys, clown pleco, 4 types of shrimp, assassin snails
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    You're absolutely right they're around 4-5 inches. I've put another log cave in there and they've been fine with each other so far. They were actually *peacefully* sharing one cave this morning so hopefully it'll stay that way! I'll be keeping a close eye on them though, just in case.

    The job is interesting as there is a lot to learn, but today of all days was terrible! Head office is sending lots of large and aggressive fish resulting in a lot of fights; I had to mix red parrots with oscars today which resulted in a small war zone, but they are of equal size so I'm hoping they will establish a hierarchy of sorts and calm down by tomorrow.

    There's a golden oscar that has nearly been beaten to death by normal tiger oscars, I've put him in a tank by himself and treated his wounds with melafix although I imagine we're going to lose him. :(

    The manager has also put 6 juruparis (have i spelt that right?) in with 14 striata loaches and 6 veil tail rams, things are looking tense between them all but nobody has been hurt yet. And to top it off we got 2 albino birchirs in yesterday and one was missing today - I eventually found him 9 hours later, when I noticed 7 cardinals missing in the next tank and realised he'd climbed into it and hidden under some driftwood. Needless to say he's remained well-fed in his short absence! :P

    They're all beautiful but have tested my patience today haha! Without the wonderful advice and support on this site I'd be feeling very out of my depth, so thank you very much it really is appreciated :)

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