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    Default ghost shrimp question

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    ok about a month ago my dad stuck a ghost shrimp into my tank.since then i lost 2 cardinals and around almost all my corries im down to 2 bronze and 3 panda i also lost my bristle nose pleco in this time im trying to figure out if the shrimp could be killing them or my angel has taste for blood or something is wrong with my tank. as for the cory i found them mostly without tails and dead when i wake up the next morning. they where perfectly healthy day before there deaths eating well n flying up the glass like crazy tank has always been stable when i checked it nitrates,nitrites and ammonia are uslay 0-.25 at pleco i found in half which was really gross its like.i treated my tank for parasites/ink (i put half dose in monthly to be safe of ink guard and parasite guard)his belly looked big before finding him in half like i did.For my panda corries they all had no whiskers upon buying i treated them for bacteria and they never grew back but they seemed perfectly healthy n eating well even without them.

    change around 30% of water weekly and add stress coat and water treatments after each time.
    monthly i add uslay half dose of ink/Parasite Guard Tablets
    56 Gallon Planted Tetra based Community Tank.
    "Rummy-Nose Tetra-4Red/Blue tetra -7,Buenos Aires Tetra-8emerald cory-5"1 Zebra Nerite"Albino Bristle Nose-2
    Plants:couple swords,bunch of Italian Vals,Java Ferns,

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    The common ghost shrimp or glass shrimp will not hurt healthy fish. Ghost Shrimp are omnivores and will consume algae, detritus and left over food. Now if there is a dead fish laying about the shrimp may scavenge on it.
    Your tank having even a trace of ammonia in it shows your cycle for some reason isn't complete. Ammonia will stress fish and over time their gills may get burnt.
    I know your doing water changes which is what I too would do. Being your beneficial bacteria is for the most part in your filter media/sponges, how do you clean your filter when you do? I'm surprised you still find some ammonia and or nitrites during your testing after so long. Nitrates are all you want to see in an established tank.
    Sorry to read about how your Cory's, Pleco and others died but it wasn't the shrimp that killed them.
    I've never used stress coat or Parasite Guard Tablets so I'm not sure if these played a roll in your water chemistry.
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    Can you clarify on the nitrite and ammonia? Are you saying they're 0 - 0.25? Is your tank fully cycled?

    Are you sure it's a ghost shrimp? If it is, it shouldn't bother your other inhabitants.

    Why are you dosing ick/parasite guard tablets each month? Don't add in anything extra if it's not needed. Too much chemicals isn't good for your water. What did you treat the panda cory with and did you treat it in a separate QT tank or the same tank?

    How big is your angel?

    I feel like your just adding too much "stuff" into the tank.
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    Agreed with the above:

    You're showing signs of ammonia/nitrite. In a cycled tank, you should have 0/0 (no trace of either). Either your monthly dosing of medications is killing your BB or you never built up a BB colony in the first place, which would have grown over time on its' own, but the slow growth would have been deadly to your fish.

    Your continuous addition of medication is aiding in the creation of stronger ich/parasites. They will eventually build a defense to these meds and you'll never be able to cure it by the usual methods. Also, the addition of medication can deplete dissolved oxygen in the water column, so you're making it more difficult for your fish to breathe.

    The only thing you should be adding to your tank on a regular basis is decholorinator, during your water changes. There's no need to use Stress Zyme or any similar additives to the tank.

    I would do a large water change and try to clear out your water column. That'll probably improve a lot of things. The ghost shrimp is the least of your worries and are naturally peaceful.
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    angel is almost size of my hand now i got him when he was size of quarter for tank n has been in community tank whole time with no problems.

    Ammonia/nitrate/nitrites are uslay 0 i think i toke it to close to after a feeding reason why i get small traces once in while. when i say i find .25 its uslay once in a while maybe every month or so i will noticed it so like i said might be to close to feeding other wise it uslay reads 0 on everything.

    As for the ghost shrimp im not 100% sure it is a true ghost shrimp i think it is it's around 2inch big as has stayed this size for a while.

    As for stress coat i was useing API Stress Coat along with Api tap water conditioner. i use the stress coat cause i was reading on here they get stressed from water changes and can die?

    i didn`t know it depleted the oxygen i just thought i was being extra safe. i`ll stop adding them in from now on unless the tank needs it.

    Also i did a complete cycling with ammonia on my tank when i started n completed it. as for filters i use 2 hob ones that each have 2 filters in them i uslay take out 1 of each of them and put new one in old ones water after rubbing off some of the gunk then put it in. then wait 2-3 weeks before changing the other one in the filter.I also have added a sponge in each of them to hold more bacteria which i just clean off in a bowl of water from fish tank and squeeze it some then replace. i try to keep it always in same fish water and water from the filter itself.
    56 Gallon Planted Tetra based Community Tank.
    "Rummy-Nose Tetra-4Red/Blue tetra -7,Buenos Aires Tetra-8emerald cory-5"1 Zebra Nerite"Albino Bristle Nose-2
    Plants:couple swords,bunch of Italian Vals,Java Ferns,

  6. Default

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    Its certainly not the ghost shrimp, and 2" is pretty big for that type of shrimp. If you can, take a picture and post it for us to evaluate.

    Also, that is a pretty big angel, and I have known them to be aggressive under different circumstances.

    It could be the damage that is occurring to your fish is caused by the following things.

    1. aggression from angelfish
    2. Bacteria/disease eating away at the fin tissue
    3. Shrimp eating fish that have died of other causes

    It would also be useful to take a picture of the dead fish ASAP to try and help identify a cause.

    Cardinals are not very hardy fish, and I have had those die just due to the stress of transportation.

    However, you cories with no tails, and pleco death are not so easily explained.
    55 Gallon Freshwater Tank (semi-planted) 48"x21"x13"

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  7. Default

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    I have feeder ghost shrimp that have made it to around 2" long. I did notice after the lights go out the big ghost shrimp have gone after fish. Mainly guppies that were resting on the bottom, but I havent noticed them go after anything else.

    If I read that right you are swapping out one of your four cartidges every two weeks. You dont need to do this. The swish in a bucket method should have them lasting at least months at a time. By taking them out each one has barely seeded with bacteria by the time you take it out.

    Good luck.

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