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    Default Beta tank divider

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    I have just obtained two betta's which I am positive were bound for certain doom and I am setting up a 10 gallon tank for the both of them. I have been searching for an appropriate divider but the all seem to be fairly transparent which of course defeats the purpose. I have two filters working ( both rated for 10g tanks) So I am not really worried about the flow of water between the two sides. I am really not trying to spend too much money on this so I am trying to figure out what household materials would be safe. For example I have a thin sheet of galvanized steel I can cut to shape, considered an old storage bin lid etc.. any suggestions on maybe what anyone has done in the past, maybe something I am not thinking of?

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    My only concern with the galvanized steel is that eventually your zinc coating may wear off since it will be permanently submerged. By the time that happened however, you could probably just replace it to prevent any rust from getting into the tank.

    This suggestion may require further research, but have you thought about wax paper? I currently use it as the background for my 10g tank because my Betta was seeing his own reflection and fighting it constantly. It creates a nice "foggy" look and eliminates transparency, but again I'd do some more research to make sure that you can submerge wax paper without it releasing harmful effects into the tank.

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    A very common, cheap way to divide the tank is to take craft mesh, cut it to size, then then use the spines from two report binders to make the edges stiff enough to stay upright and so the fish can't squeeze past to the other side.

    Here's what it would look like in the tank (I still have pictures uploaded of the one I made last time I had my tank set up):

    Be sure to keep the water level lowered a bit so that they can't jump the divider. Bettas are very accomplished jumpers.
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    I have set up a diveded betta tank for my sister. I used Lees Tank divider. The fishes can see themselves but dont flare up too often. It helps when the tank is planted it gives each fish a sense of territory. Unlike when they fight there reflection, one fish always backs off and they each go about there business until they next meeting. The divinder cost me about $12 but it comes with everythg you need and is guaranteed aquarium safe.
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    Thanks everyone, well all good ideas but I found one by accident that I think will suit my needs. I was at a pet store that is on my way to work and was asking about any such item that is not transparent. We could not come up with anything outside of what you have mentioned. Suddenly she asked me to wait and went to the back.. when she returned she had a square piece of plastic which was a from an old under-gravel filter system. Not only is it black and has thin slits small enough to let water through but keep the betta from identifying each other but it is also rigid and made to be submerged in water. On top of all that it will only take some very minor trimming to fit snugly and securely in the aquarium. What a find, she was going to give it to me for free but I gave her a couple bucks for all the help. I suggest anyone who might be in a similar predicament go check out your local pet store before purchasing anything.. I don't think it could be any better.. I will post a pic when I have it all set up.

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    You could also spray paint any solid divider with Krylon Fusion paint, which is aquarium safe.
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    Glad you found a solution. Transparent dividers are a big no no, Betta should -never never never- be in a situation where they can see another male constantly. Unless these dividers are completely shrouded in plants, I discourage them as if they were Betta plague.

    Again, there will be a story from someone that it "worked for them", but this is rare.
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