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    Quote Originally Posted by The Cichlid Keeper View Post
    How do I tell dyed fish apart from glofish? are they the same? Is there a way to tell if a fish is dyed or not?
    Lets take zebra danio for example. Their natural colour is a grey, blue with stripes. Then you get yellow, pink, orange, green. These are all artificial.
    If you know the fish breed, then its very easy. However one thing to remember is that you dont really get those shades of fish in nature. Where is their camouflage of they are a neon sign like a drive through.

    I am sorry, I dont know how else to explain, but with experience you will know. Also ask the shop owner

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc4 View Post
    Just to clarify, there are two forms of obtaining unnatural colors in fish. The first is by injection which was discussed well. The second is a genetically engineered fish. The genome of a jelly fish is put into the DNA of a "normal" fish to make it glow. These are dubbed "glofish". I'm sure most people on the forum already know this, so I am writing this for raw beginners such as myself.

    Believe it or not, when I bought the tank, I was going to put glofish in it. After reading about it, and thinking about it, I decided that was not the type of thing I want to support by buying some. Even if some of these fish will pass the trait to their young. It doesn't seem much different than making cows that give more milk that is natural, or coming up with new breeds of dogs. Either way, it seems very wrong to me. Look at the dogs we have changed through breeding. Dogs who cannot give birth naturally because the heads of their young are too large, or the dogs with their nose so pushed in that they have trouble breathing. Often times, mutts are much hardier than purebreds. It makes me wonder what the lifespan of the glofish will be or the problems they will wind up with.

    As they are very colorful and "glow" under certain lights, this makes them a magnet for children. Discomfort or pain is not the only way an animal can be abused. I do know one thing. Glofish are never going to be in my aquarium. The energy we put into making fish that Glow would be better applied to keep the species we have from going extinct.

    It definitely is different than the Cows and dogs mentioned cause those aren't genetically altered. Linebreeding is a different thing.

    But you're right to me. Why changing the beautiful thinhs Mother Nature made us?

    The mentioned fish aren't allowed and sold here in Europe what I see as a blessing.

    The story about the profits of Glofish are usedbfor scientific research and so on I don't believe for a bit. It simply is hard cash for the guys who patented these fish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maya111 View Post
    How to judge whether a fish is dyed or natural?
    Sometimes its obvious, other times not so obvious. The owner of the store will know if the fish he purchased were dyed.
    As mentioned, dyed fish don't live very long as the dying process of injecting color is stressful and damaging to the fish.

    Glow-fish are genetically modified fish, the color/glow is produced because they have fluorescent genes that were added by scientist.

    You can see the color is brighter and more uniform in the fish. They will fluoresce under blue lights and glow under blacklight. Dyed fish will not. The fish were not injected so no stress to shorten lifespan. fish have been reported to reproduce naturally too.


    You can find a lot of info online on painted versus glow fish.
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