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    combination, and wasn't just the dyed fish, I bring something up about ballon varieties and dyed fish

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    The only place in my area that carries dyed fish is Walmart. Petsmart, Petco, and all of the local places that I can think of do not.


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    Every fish store I have been to within 2 hours of my house sells them. :(
    10 gallon live planted aquarium with 6 neons
    90 gallon fw community in progress

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    are glofish dyed??

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    No, glofish are not dyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonfab32 View Post
    are glofish dyed??
    Glofish are a by-product from a scientific experiment, they used DNA from a jellyfish and injected into the original fish, the resulting fry were born with the genes that allow them to glow and at this point they are bred just like any other fish and seem to have the same life expectancy (just from what I've seen) as their non-glofish counterparts

    You just need to watch for the name "glofish" because dyed fish can end up looking similar.

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    ok thanks!

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    WOW, that is sickening. I haven't seen any of those at my LFS or the chains. Not that I buy anything live or otherwise there. I am boycotting P--S--- (should end in a STUPID)for their horrible livestock practices. I always see sick or dead fish, reptiles and birds in their stores and when I used to notify the staff it was really a "who cares" attitude cause it is just a product to them, they can write it off and get some more next week. So sad :(
    Last edited by Boundava; 08-20-2014 at 02:02 PM. Reason: spelling

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    wow, never heard of dyed fish around here in Quebec, never seen weirdly colored fish in petstores. Years ago they used to dye baby chickens around Easter time, that was sick, I never knew they did that to fish today!!!!!!!

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    Thank goodness glofish aren't dyed, I once almost bought some!
    And yeah, this sounds sick. Enjoy the fish for what they are. If you don't like them, go get a guppy or something.

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