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    I avoid going to LFS that sell altered fish all together if I can help it.
    55gal Planted community
    12 Neon Tetras
    5 Kuhli Loaches
    3 Otocinclus
    2 Siamese Algae Eaters

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    This is absolutely horrific! What a crazy world

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    Unfornatly my whites skirts are dyed. I wasn't aware at the time I bought that were in fact dyed. I had bought four of them, and then needed to get two more for the school. But they've been rather healthy and alive for quite some time. I think there injected with the coloring rather that dip method, as the colors go along certain parts, and have actually faded on the older ones. I wont be buying anymore now that i'm fish conscience. I bought them right when I got into fish keeping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digital3
    That's just messed up...

    It boils down to research & education. Some people just don't realize what it is they're purchasing.

    u r right, i have a roommate and buys everything without thinking, once he bought colored fish thinking it is it's natural color. u can imagine how much I sreamed at him!!!

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    I have a few Blood Parrots...I am disgusted by this practice and will publicly denounce the sale of these lil' guys in any LFS !!
    " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phill.

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    Wow thats really really messed up...something im sure I will now be keeping an eye on!

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    Speaking of sad I saw Neon purple gold fish in a little chinese store at the mall for haha i asked the guy if those were natural he said yes, i told my wife thats bogus dyed fish for sure. Was very sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravio11i
    Hopefully this is a trend that we as responsible aquarists can kill off. Rav

    Dont kill it off. DRIVE IT TO EXTINCTION!!!!!

    Dyed fish, DISGUSTING !!

    I weep over these tortured fish.
    Last edited by Rabid Glass Shrimp; 06-17-2010 at 02:35 AM.
    Stalking you in the dead of night
    Feasting upon the flesh of your
    Fears, thoughts, & memories
    I am the Trainzilla of your Nightmares

    "Life & love are like an Onion,the more you peel away their layers,the more they stink." Ed, 2\11\2005

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    no thought to the fish at all. greed and stupidity is a very dangerous thing. Look at wallstreet, banks and lets not leave BP out. Criminal.

    I once thought I was Brave, but I can't stop crying. "Kendal Payne"
    135g. 6' -"currently"under reno. to river tank for 12-L204 Panaques and 12 Cory Sterbai
    135g. DIY 48"X28"X24"- 1/2" glass. 7-wild L046Hypancistrus zebra
    65g.- 7 [B]wild[/B]L066 Hypancistrus King tigers 6 - 30g. fry tanks
    BE responsable!

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    Strange you should mention only the B Parrot when Flowerhorns, Red Texas cichlid, many of the mollys and platies we buy are hybrids. Endlers and guppies are also often hybrid.

    BP mate naturally. They are not held down and artificially inseminated.

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