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    Exclamation Do not support dyed fish

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    The artificial coloration of fishes by dyeing, painting, juicing (the injection of dye via a needle) and feeding of dye containing foods is becoming common place in the aquarium industry.

    This is a ethically disgraceful practice and should be banned. The physical painting of fish, involves several dips in caustic solutions (acid) to remove the fishes natural protection - it's slime coat, so it may be "painted" on. The injection of dye using a needle into the tissue of fishes is also a fairly common practice and can be seen clearly on albino corydoras and tetras.

    These cruel practices result in the death of many fish and those that survive the process are far more susceptible to diseases due to weakening of their natural immunity. I have listed and included photographs of dyed and artificially colored fishes below. Please do not buy these fishes as this supports this practice. Complaints to the owner of the Local Fish Store (LFS) may also help to discourage this cruelty practice.

    I, for one, do not understand the appeal of these gaudily colored fishes, although I believe many people buy them believing these colors to be naturally occurring. These artificial dyes tend to fade over 8-12 months, although many juiced fish do not survive this long. You can often find the dyed tetra in stores such as Walmart and those dyed blue are already nearly faded by the time you buy them. The life span of dyed fish are shortened greatly as well as hundreds perish during the process of the dying process.

    Dyed Blood Parrots, Dyed Tetras, Dyed coreys shown below.

    The dyed blood parrot (known as bubblegums) are purple, red/hot pink, bright yellow, lime green and blue, made by dips in caustic solutions (acid). I feel a pity for them as I do any fish that has been dyed.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 07-25-2010 at 02:58 PM.

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    That is sick....a bit too colorful for me though. I appreciate the natural colors more.

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    I think dyed fish are UGLY. Man, if I want jelly beans, I will buy the ones I can eat.

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    I applaud this sticky

    Only if people stop buying will the traders stop as there will be no market for them

    It is disgusting that there are no firmer laws in place to stop this practise comletely as it is pure animal cruelty.

    Let's also not forget the poor tatooed or baloon'd fish that are making the rounds on the market... in the balloon version many severly deformed fish are born and dumped and time and time again bred with until they get to the balloon version you get in the shops - so hundreds of fish have died or been born with sever disabilities before you get the finished product in the shop (balloon rams and kissing gourami's at the moment)

    Big cheer to Lady Hobbs
    My own Fish Blog
    Small Fish for Small Tanks

    'The measure of kindness is that you are kind without measure'

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    That's just messed up...

    It boils down to research & education. Some people just don't realize what it is they're purchasing. It happens too many times with pets, whether it be fish, dogs or whatever. People treat these things like off-the-shelf consumer items, and don't realize that they are purchasing a living organism that needs to be properly cared for...

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    3 gal. planted nano (no Co2) - 1 spotted puffer, 3 Neon Tetras

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    .....can be seen clearly on albino corydoras and tetras.

    Please clarify as many of these things are new to me. Your saying albino corys get dyed and not that they are dyed albino. Is that right? My plain white, red-eyed albino corys are undyed?
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    Plain albino corys are not dyed, true.
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    a regular albino cory is not dyed, but they can be dyed because if theyre dyed with a color the white makes the dye show better

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    hobbs if it is ok with you I am going to print that off and give it to my lfs. Ive seen some dyed fish in there store and it pisses me off when I do. I saw a blood parret with A heart and I love you on the side of it.

    Edit: They also give it red lipstick :(

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    Thanks guys!
    150 Gallon Community
    Filter=Sealife Systems 175 wet/dry (no prefilter)
    Lighting=2 Coralife 36" T5s~0.56 WPG
    41 dye free fishies
    38G cycling
    10 G nursery (14 mollies @ work).

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