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    That's not totally true to be honest. Not all Africans are built the same. There are three distinct types of rift lake Africans: Mbuna, Peacocks, and Haps. Mbuna are highly aggressive shallow water rock dwelling fish that need a high vegetable diet. Peacocks are deep water fish that live in the middle of the lakes along the bottom and have a high protein diet, they are much less aggressive because they don't need to be in the wild. Haps are open water fish, they are similar to the peacocks in diet and behavior but they grow much larger.

    Haps and peacocks can live together but will need a very large tank, like a 125+. Mbuna can't live with either and need a tank to themselves both for diet and behavior reasons. What you want in your tank is an all peacock tank. You could either have a couple different males with about 4-5 females each or an all male tank with 10-15 fish.
    "At some point you aren't making the animal more dead...You are just making a bigger mess." - Demjor19

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    Well currently all I have is the Electric Blue Hap and a Pleco.

    Don't the Peacocks get to be 4-5+ inches? I know Cichlid tanks can be overstocked, but can they be THAT overstocked? Assuming I got rid of the Pleco and had the following:

    1X Electric Blue Hap
    10X Peacocks

    that would put my stocking capacity at over 150% (ish). Is this alright? I was kind of hoping to do a smaller cichlid (such as African Butterfly Cichlid) that only gets to be around 3 inches max, and do 15-20 of them with the Hap. Perhaps I'm just thinking too hard about all of this :P

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    You're definitely not over thinking it, thinking really hard about stocking is the key to success lol. Your electric blue will eventually grow up to be an 8" fish, he will be a big boy. I would not add more haps, you don't need to go crazy over stocking, 8 more peacocks with your hap would be perfectly fine. The overstocking thing applies more to mbuna in my opinion.

    And african butterfly cichlids are a totally different animal, they are a riverine fish and not from the rift lakes. They have more in common with SA type fish and would def not work in a rift lake setup.
    "At some point you aren't making the animal more dead...You are just making a bigger mess." - Demjor19

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    You have been incredibly helpful FinalJenemba! I'm thankful that I've gotten a lot of what I'd consider tough questions out of the way. I believe the next step is to go find eight or so healthy peacocks at my LFS!

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    Darn right! One more thing, get males if you can, I know it can be hard to sex them when they are young but if you can do. The aggression only arises when you end up with say 6 males and 2 females. You'll end up having to rehome the females. They are very peaceful in all male setups.
    "At some point you aren't making the animal more dead...You are just making a bigger mess." - Demjor19

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