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  1. Default Is my electric blue cichlid male or female (with pictures)?

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    I just bought an electric blue cichlid for my 55g tank and I'm not sure if it's a male or female (which I am basing solely on color). It has been in the tank for 2 days and I'm thinking that if it's female, I won't get the vibrant blue colors (why I bought the fish). Either way I really enjoy the fish already! Can someone help? I've attached some pictures in different lighting. As can be seen, in direct light he/she seems washed out (silver, indicating female), but in the shade, he/she appears to have a deep blue color.


  2. Default

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    With that much blue it's a male. Females have almost no blue at all. He is very young, when they a raised properly they don't really colour up till they are older.

    Are you planning an all peacock/hap tank?
    "At some point you aren't making the animal more dead...You are just making a bigger mess." - Demjor19

  3. Default

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    Thank you for the response! Yes the plan is to do 5 peacocks with the one electric blue. Currently it is just him and a common pleco. Still too early to tell, but I've heard plecos can do alright with cichlids, depending on the personality of the cichlid

  4. Default

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    So I was at my LFS today and I noticed another electric blue cichlid slightly larger than mine. This one however had a deep blue, amazing color. Mine is still almost completely white (in some lighting) and I've read that their color is supposed to come out around 2 inches or so. Does anybody know if some of these haps just don't develop that full amazing color? Should I take mine back and switch it with the slightly larger, more colorful one?

  5. Default

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    with time and the proper diet your's should display the brighter colors.

    I have never had experience with them, but I know a local guy that says typically if you have 2 males and a bunch of female is when the best colors show (trying to impress the ladies)

  6. Default

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    Thank you for the reply Hardy :)

    Currently I am feeding him cichlid gold pellets and blood worms once a week as a treat. I'm still very tempted to just swap him with the more mature one. Right now it's just him and a pleco in the tank, my only other concern is that the big one might get aggressive with the pleco, since he'd be larger. If anyone else has more advice, I'd appreciate it :D

  7. Default

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    You can swap him if you want, but there's a real possibility that the one thats super blue has been pumped full of hormones to get that color. These fish get to be at least 6", yours has allot of growing up to do still. Get him happy and healthy and a tank full of males all showing off and it will come.

    Pleco's are very rarely a problem for cichlids, I wouldn't worry about it. What you need to do is get that tank stocked, cichlids don't like to be added one at a time it causes allot of problems with territory. They all need to be added at once.
    "At some point you aren't making the animal more dead...You are just making a bigger mess." - Demjor19

  8. Default

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    Thank you for the advice, I will be taking it and sticking with my current hap :) I'm growing attached to him anyway

    What kind of haps/peacocks would go well with my electric blue? I know I am somewhat limited with a 55g, so I'd need smaller cichlids. Also what kind of stocking level (ballpark) should I be looking at? I'm new to cichlids and my own research is yielding some conflicting advice. Should I be looking in the 5-10, 11-20 or 21+ range as far as quantity?

  9. Default

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    I'd look at it like this, its like having a 3 month old puppy that isn't trained vs having a 2 yr old dog trained.

    It's more fun to watch it grow up and mature under your care than just buying a mature one..

    Just my $.02

  10. Default

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    Well said Hardy! Now I definitely want to keep him :) My wife and I named him Jombo, which means 'Hello' lol. Funny considering he's a relatively aggressive fish.

    So I called around to a couple of local fish stores, and all of them gave similar advice for stocking. They said to stay in the 15-20 range to eliminate aggression. What was interesting is they said since most cichlids are raised captive, it really doesn't matter all that much which ones you pick (out of the african cichlids), as long as you have a lot of them and do frequent water changes. This was encouraging, since my LFS had a bunch of mixed african cichlids.

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