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    Haven't read all the posts here but want to toss in my two cents. Your tank is a 15 gallon column tank. Since fish swim back and forth and not up and down, the Betta and all those barbs are sharing a small area for swimming room. You said 13 " across? Barbs are active, fast swimmers and your betta is a slow mover. I think you should remove those barbs, fill the tank to the top as they are supposed to be filled, and let your betta have that tank to himself. There is no reason to not fill a tank to the top.

    Also, no fish are stressed out over water changes if the water that is replaced with the same temp. After all that cleaning, did you also clean the filter media out? If so, then the tank is now uncycled. I would also turn off the lights at night. Fish sleep at night and need their rest.

    And lastly, feeding your fish an all meat diet is not good for them. Meat is to be fed as a "treat" a couple times a week. If you continue with that practice, they will stop eating fish food completely. If they don't like pellets, then get them a good quality flake food.
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    I don't fill it all the way because Tardis has always had a bit of trouble swimming the nearly 18 inches between the gravel and the top of the tank to breath. I'm probably going to move the barbs to the 40 gallon community tank later, right now I'm just letting everyone in there rest.

    I may move the cory cats back into the Betta tank though, since Tardis genuinely seemed to like their company.

    (and either I have the laziest cherry barbs in existence or something, but I rarely see these guys do more than float or saunter.)
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (QT) - empty
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - 6 female betta, 8 glotetras, many plants, 1 Albino Bristlenose Pleco, 1 Clown pleco
    3 & 4 Tanks 2.5 Gal - 1 male betta (dragonscale deltatail), 1 MTsnail

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    Could be they are threatened by having a larger fish in the tank with them. Mine shared a tank with an angelfish for a short time and they would stay at the back of the tank behind the plants all the time. As soon as the angel was removed, they are now out and about all day and very vigorous eaters. Mine get along just lovely with my neon tetra's. Neither is threatened by the other but both species are threatened by bigger fish.

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    They didn't move much in the quarantine either, and they were only in with some small guppies and a pair of snails.
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (QT) - empty
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - 6 female betta, 8 glotetras, many plants, 1 Albino Bristlenose Pleco, 1 Clown pleco
    3 & 4 Tanks 2.5 Gal - 1 male betta (dragonscale deltatail), 1 MTsnail

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    I am very glad Tardis is improving. I was unaware you had an aerator/bubbler in the tank, (ahhhhh, runs around screaming like a loon), Betta HATE hate hate...... and did I say, hate those things? ROFL.

    Meaty foods (bloodworms) are a bad consistent diet for Betta, and do not contain their required dietary requirements. Blood worm fed Betta are often terribly constipated, and succumb to fatty liver disease.

    If you have been able to lessen the flow, you may be all right, you don't need a sponge filter unless you plan to remove one of the other filters. Turning the filter flows toward the glass of the tank will indeed help curb the outflow and calm it down.

    Betta are normally "upper tank" dwellers. A betta spending most time at the bottom, is again, probably not the happiest of campers. Usual behavior is "hanging" up in the leaves of higher plants, and "surveillance", cruising the tank to keep on eye on "his domain", and peering, watching other inhabitants of the tank and inhabitants of the room that tank is in. Sort of like militant domineering police forces. Their movements in the tank should be a Hover and Glide, hovering as if they are floating in air, and when swimming, beautiful effortless movements.

    Again, the natural "tank space" a Betta occupies would be from the middle of the tank to the top. Sulking around the bottom is a good indicator there is still something stressful in the environment.

    Keep experimenting with what could be causing stress, including other inhabitants and the temperature. Some Betta are notoriously finicky about their habitat and unless its "just so", they don't do well.
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

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    I'm basically leaving the tank alone for today (aside from 2 hours of light and feeding) and tomorrow I will remove the barbs (one of which seems to have pulled a Houdini on me and vanished... ruh-roh!) The way the tank is now is fine apparently though. I'll give him a couple of weeks with only his oto buddy in there and see if he's okay with just the oto (probably will be). If he is then I'll just add the second oto after a month and leave that tank alone. If he's acting lonely I'll move (half) the cory cats back in.

    Right now he's opting to float/swim at the top of his tank (I've never seen him up there for this long O.o) and he seems calm enough though. Thank you ALL for helping me so much. I really didn't wanna lose my pretty boy.
    1 Tank 5.5 Gal. (QT) - empty
    2 Tank 20 Gal. - 6 female betta, 8 glotetras, many plants, 1 Albino Bristlenose Pleco, 1 Clown pleco
    3 & 4 Tanks 2.5 Gal - 1 male betta (dragonscale deltatail), 1 MTsnail

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