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  1. Default cycling ciclid tank

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    Hello everyone, good to be aboard. I'm not brand new to aquarium keeping but have limited experience. I have a 55 that is established with some community fish and also a 20 gallon which is established and currently hold my female live-bearers (prolific little ladies! ). I have set up a 30 gallon which is cycling including a couple gallons of my 55 gallon water and some of the filter media and some Nutrafin Cycle. I have a couple of platies in there but it is going to be a dwarf cichlid tank. My son (12) and I have sort of started this hobby together... he's got a couple of 10 gal in his room with fancy guppies (etc) and a betta in his own 10 right now. Anyway on with the question. I know that it is frowned upon to cycle a tank with fish in it but I'm doing it anyway. I think the platies are pretty hardy and I will watch them. My question is, is there a dwarf ciclid (I have been more drawn to the Tanganyika cichlids) that would be hardy enough to add a couple during cycling? We're so anxious to get them and it's hard (even for me) to have the patience to wait (plus we're going to a really cool pet store this weekend which we wont get to go to again). Oops... I meant to ask.... or something that is hardy that would be compatible with some of this group? I like the Lamprologus Brevis, brichardi, and the smaller julies..
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    There is nothing wrong when cycling with fish if it is done correctly.

    I'm not too sure how hardy the tangs are, but you could just cycle with the platies and then slowly add your tangs latter assuming the tangs are not territorial fish.

    The biggest reason why I always recommend a fishless cycle is that is take far less time and effort (which I like because I am lazy) and you can add all of your stock at once when the tank is cycled. Either option when done right will work tho.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
    Fishless Cycle Cycling with Fish Marine Aquarium Info [URL=""]

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    Thanks Cliff. Cichlids are definitely a new world for us!

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    So here is the big thing I want to as you J&J - when cycling with fish, how often are you testing the water for the stages of the nitrogen cycle and what is your water change schedule?

    Specific to the Tangs - you would be fine to fish-in cycle with them BUT its going to be dependant of how many you put in the tank and its size. A 30gal tank would be cool with a group of shelly's and once they are in and happy, fairys would be a top dwelling idea.

    I agree that a fishless cycle takes less time (often 2 weeks for me) and you can just fully stock at that time and its much less stressful to the fish.

    Oh also you are going to be better off getting into the africans like Tangs V the rams and apistogramma groups because they are a tad touchy when you have an uncycled tank. Also do not add any types of catfish during fish-in cycling.

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    Thanks guys. Ok, I did something good and something bad. The good is that I purchased a large water testing kit so I won't always be out of testing strips. All of my tanks have about an 8.3 pH which is good for cichlids...not so much for the community tank. All other parameters are good right now.
    I purchased some brichardi (only 3...I'm going to add more). Ok, the bad. I listened to a pet shop lady who seemed very knowledgeable and didn't do my research. I saw some little cichlids that I hadn't researched that I liked a lot. She told me they would be ok in a 30 if I put them in while they are small and that they grow slow. They are called Venustus and after buying them, I researched and found her to be really wrong. I put them in my 20 gallon with large female swordtails and platies (2 of each). They're the same size as them right now. I'm going to try to rehome them. I have a 55 that I could convert into a cichlids tank but I don't even think its big enough.
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