I've been resisting buying a second tank for my study/office/man cave. I succumb at the weekend. Bought myself an AquaNano 40.

It's a 40cm cube giving aprox 15 gal/55L. So not a nano as the name might suggest but still compact. I really like the design. It has a segmented down, up, down, up, sump style filter that consists of the whole back of the tank, about 1/8th the volume divided into 3 chambers with flow channels to force the water down through the sponge to the bottom of the tank, up a channel and down through the ceramic media, then up into the pickup well where the pump and heater are.

I added some mature media, a mature sponge to the top of the filter, 4ppm ammonia and 1/2 tsp of baking soda. Set temp to 30C and 24 hours later ammonia 0, nitrite 5, topped up to 2ppm ammonia. Cycle shouldn't take long with the mature media.

Ordered some plants, rocks, substrate and wood, should get here today / tomorrow. Depending on the how the nitrites do I could be stocking it next week!

Stocking ideas include:

Cory + Celestial Pearl Danios + Shrimp

I already have a livebearer free community tank, so I'm tempted to make this a live bearer tank. Another community tank with different species is tempting though.