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    I no longer even acclimate neon's. Actually.... none of the fish I buy locally. You acclimate for temp changes and pH but if you buy them from your own stores and your temp matches their tanks, most likely the pH matches as well. (Same area)

    I do toss them in a quarantine tank, tho, and turn the lights off. I used to acclimate everything I bought but I had losses in new neon's, as well. You figure these little guys are imported here, sent to the distributors tanks, from there bagged up again and delivered to stores. Then they are under harsh lights 24 hours a day and as Imma stated, stressed out all day long. And here we come to stress them out even more.

    I thought putting them through acclimating was simply more stress they did not need. I generally lost about 3 out of every dozen I bought so I said what the heck.......throw them in a tank and see what happens and I stopped losing even one. Worked for me and works for them. You also do not know if you are buying wild caught or farmed neon's. Either way, they are all imported but the wild caught may be more susceptible.

    But buying fish in your own area is not like getting fish shipped to you that comes from totally different water. Invertebrates and salt water fish should always be acclimated but I think too much is made out of acclimating most of the time.

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    Doesn't help when those bags are floating on top of the water and the lights are on 4" from the fish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs View Post
    Doesn't help when those bags are floating on top of the water and the lights are on 4" from the fish!
    thats why its helpful to turn off the lights while floating the bag, i think acclimating fish especially sensitive species like tetras is essential, its not just about ph and temp, one also has to take into account GH.

    if one dumps a bunch of neons in a tank that has a higher GH than they are used to they wont be used to the extra minerals in the water and it will kill them.

    unless ones tank matches the exact water parameters of the place one is purchasing said fish from its always better safe than sorry to acclimate, with the lights off, for at least an hour in my opinion.

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    Everyone should definitely do what works for them. For me, and the 14 years I've kept fish, this one works for me. Someone else has a method that works for them, then that's the way they should go.

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    +1 on the above

    i agree that people should do what works for them, generally speaking acclimating is what works best for the majority,and whatever the OP is doing isnt working for them so i felt it prudent to suggest he do what works for the majority.

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