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    Default Galveston Island

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    Ever wonder what the water is like around Galveston Island?

    It looks like this:

    I've been trying to get this tank started for over a year, but the project grew from setting up a tank to claiming one room in my house as my man cave (I don't even get the garage) which included redoing the room and more cost than anticipated. A few weeks ago I had the place to myself and I set out to finally get this thing setup.

    I've always used gravel or crushed coral so I decided to try to use sand for a change. I picked up 250 lbs. of play sand and thought, "It's sand how dirty can it be?" Yes, I see the flaw to my logic. Ironically I told my brother I didn't want his help rinsing the gravel I was originally going to use because he never wants to rinse it enough.

    The eventual solution was to run tap water into the tank while a hose ran out the window watering my oak tree while I worked. All was going well enough until the hose filling the tank came apart. They didn't have anything long enough at Home Depot so I just used a plastic coupling. I should have duct taped it. Luckily I caught it within a few minutes and it didn't get to the sheet rock.

    I put the filter on the tank with nothing but some fine floss as the medium hoping it would work and my electric bill wouldn't look as bad as my water bill is going to look. After a few days, it was obvious the filter wasn't going to work. I put the hose back together and started doing the non-stop WC again. Remember that part about duct tape? Read the paragraph above then come back to this spot.

    Thirty or so hours of flushing the tank along with flooding my yard and the neighbor's caught me to this point:


    Good enough I can live with it. I turned the filter on and the tank clouded up instantly. It has cleared some, but after about two weeks it looks like this:


    Any thoughts? I'm close to siphoning out the sand and going to gravel though if I can get the sand to work I'd prefer it.

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    Welcome to the AC!

    I'm so sorry you are dealing with this -- and that you bought play sand, too. There are several members here who really like PFS (Pool Filter Sand) including one of our Mods. It is pretty inexpensive to buy, from Home Depot and the like.

    I'll go look for one of his photos.

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    This very helpful member uses PFS
    Quote Originally Posted by Slaphppy7 View Post
    Here's what I used, around $6 for a 50# bag...I used 2 or 3 bags in my 40B, but my substrate is very only need about 2" for plants....
    ...nice clean sand, I didn't even rinse mine, tank was a little cloudy but cleared quickly

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    Thanks, I think I'll try one more round of cycling water in/out for a few hours simply out of sheer stubbornness. I do like the look of the sand. After that, I get to start all over.

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    I hope you are able to get it to clear up.

    There are other members here who use quilt batting in the filter to catch particles from the water (discarding when dirty). You'd need 100% polyester. You can find that at Walmart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiversGirl View Post
    There are other members here who use quilt batting in the filter to catch particles from the water (discarding when dirty). You'd need 100% polyester. You can find that at Walmart.
    Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely try it.

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    Here is a photo that Slap took. It is also what he uses, but in his case he as replaced the sponge in his HOB filter with this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slaphppy7 View Post
    Attachment 46185

    It's just a big sheet of poly folded up and doubled upon's actually about 3/8" thick

    Attachment 46186

    I am not positive, but I think you'd get a layer of this to gunk up pretty quickly, while trying to clear your water from the sand debris. You'd want a layer of it on top of your filter -- Do you have a HOB (Hang on Back) style of filter? Anyway, if you put it on the top, you will be able to watch it and change it out.

    Good luck to you. I hope to see you about the forum.
    Last edited by RiversGirl; 03-05-2016 at 02:53 AM. Reason: corrected the photo -- oops

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    The Eheim Pro 3e! OOOO AHHH! I love this thing. It has a nice feature where it will increase power to the motor to make up for the filter getting clogged until it is too backed up then it shuts off. I haven't played with everything it can do yet. For all the features, it comes with two instruction books in 4 different languages just not English. I'm guessing (hoping) once I hook it up to the laptop to program it for real there will be English instructions.

    The best feature of all is the power cord comes off at the head of the filter. Such a simple idea, but I have never seen a filter with this. No more battling with the power cord. I was cleaning the filter on my 75 gallon earlier and thinking how nice it'd be if the power cord worked like the Eheim.

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    I don't think I have ever heard of anyone using play sand. Why did you choose this over pool filter sand? Also, did you rinse the sand before putting it in your tank?
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    Hopefully this will not take too much longer to clear up for you. I use the CaribSea products myself, but I have read many posts in which pool filter sand is recommended over play sand for just this reason. Apparently, play sand is really, really dirty when compared to pool filter sand. But once you get over this hurdle, I don't think there should be much difference between the two.

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