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  1. #1

    Default Can Rams and Apistos coexist?

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    Well, the title says it! More specifically, Bolivian Rams and Apistogramma Macmasteri in a 50gal breeder. 36x18x18. I plan on using lots of live plants. Planned tankmates include 6 Marbeled Hatchets, 7 Cory (cant decide which species), 20 Cardinal (or Neon) Tetras, and 4 Amano shrimp. AqAdvisor says I'd be 93% stocked.

    So, with the above info, could the Bolivians and the A. Macmasteri coexist?

    Thanks in advance!!!

  2. Default

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    Short answer. No. Now here's why, both species can coexist but the tank may be a tad bit a little short for them to establish their territories. They can get especially aggressive towards each other if they start to breed and you will run into problems.

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    I would not recommend it, I know people that have made it work, but I personally have seen rams going after apistos in tanks

    I would say pick your favorite of the two, in that size tank either 2 pairs of bolivians or a harem of apistos (1m 3f)

  4. Default

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    I recommend the same combos, I've seen my Bolivians go after my Discus when they crossed into their territory.

  5. #5


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    I appreciate the answers, thank you! Looks like all I need to do now is compare the prices of Bolivians and A. Macmasteri!

  6. #6


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    Bolivians will probably be around $7-$12 ea while the Macmasteri will most likely be $8-$15 ea.. I personally prefer the apistos having both. The rams are a bit bolder, but the apistos are fun because of how they act if provided with the right dither fish

  7. #7


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    You guys pay big for Bolivians... they are $4 to me here.
    FW: 1 45gal, 1 40gal, 3 10gal, 3 30gal all community tanks of different species
    Sw: 1 55gal, 1 30gal show, 1 29gal show, 1 20gal and 2 10's

  8. #8


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    lucky bastard... cheapest I've seen is $8, another place charges $8 for GBR the size of a dime

  9. #9


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    GBR here are 12-15 at a store and petco you can get mutts for 5.
    FW: 1 45gal, 1 40gal, 3 10gal, 3 30gal all community tanks of different species
    Sw: 1 55gal, 1 30gal show, 1 29gal show, 1 20gal and 2 10's

  10. #10


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    We have an LFS called Wet Pets, and these j0kers wanted 45 ea f0r mega red cac. apist0s. ph00ey! and at an0ther st0re I think the GBRs were $15 ea and B0livians were $11 ea. EEEK!
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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