UPDATE! Tank is doing great, here's a pic of how it looks as of today...

So as I was anticipating, I'll be upgrading to a 40 gallon breeder within the week! I'll be getting back my original 40 gallon with the custom DIY wood stained stand this week. I'll be sterilizing it with 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water for a full day. If anyone has any tips on the best way to sterilize a fish tank, i'd appreciate the tips!

Also I started parting together the filtration for it. So far I did pretty good I'd say...

Eshopps R-100 Refugium/Sump (still sealed in the box, only pic i have right now)

Eshopps F-800 800gph overflow & CAD Lights TIA 1150 Skimmer

Also I got a killer deal on the skimmer... $150.00

I'll be placing an order through Buildmyled for my lighting and probably be ordering a Hydor L40 for my return pump.