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  1. Default 29 gallon asian biotope tank

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    Hey, some of you might have seen that i closed down my 29 gallon tank since i made my 50 gallon malawi into what the 29 gallon was. i did hit a miss with that setup though i was planing to have some keyhole cichlids in there and keep the 29 gallon as a breeder tank but i was unable to get enough floor space for a pair of keyholes so i have to skipp cichlids all together. Now im going to turn the 29 gallon into a asian biotope tank but now i have to admit "I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ASIAN FISH" so i need lots of advice.

    The tank is going to have all asian plants apart from Lemna minor that do exist in some parts of asia but not the whole continent.

    The Key fish i have looked at Betta and dwarf gurami so first question can you keep both together or can you only keep 1 of them unless a much larger tank?

    Next i would love some small schooling fish that school real nice.

    I don't want advice like 1 beta 10 ..... and 10 ....

    Then i would rather have 1 beta 20 ......
    If possible i would like an eel aswell, looking up fish that fits a tank as long as mine and i found a few so give tips on eels as well

    I have done no research on asian fish so i know nothing thats why i ask here for advice. Also please don't reply about fishless cycle or such i have had tanks before and i still have 1 more tank runing right now, i know how to cycle a tank.
    Last edited by Nailroth; 07-25-2013 at 07:54 PM.

  2. Default

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    I know a betta and gourami can't go together

    Look into some of the less common betta types rather than just the petsmart type betta...

    Options for fish
    Harlequin Rasboras, Espei Rasbora, Hengel Rasbora, boraras briggitae, boraras maculatus, boraras merah, a few types of loaches for lower level fish

  3. Default

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    Don't have petsmart in my country but i have an all beta store with betas more expensive then discus so i can get some pretty nice betas.

    Ill look into those fish and see if i find some i like and if they are sold localy :D

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    Anabantids(bettas, gouramis, etc) generally cannot coexist and therefore, only one per tank. I think that between the betta and the dwarf gourami, the betta probably is less inclined to attack little schooling fish.
    Out of the schoolers you listed, i'd go with espei or hengel's rasboras. I believe the harlequin to be too large to keep in 20+ numbers in a tank that size, and the other rasboras too small to be able to coexist with the betta.
    Have you considered. Danios? They are asian fish too, and there are plenty of small, pretty species to choose from.
    Even the most peaceful high backed loach species can have bouts of nippiness, which isnt good with a betta. I would recommend kuhli loaches because they are small and peaceful and espe.cially since you wanted something resembling an eel.

  5. Default

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    The number 20 was just of the top of my head. it was an example i want maybe 3-4 species but only 1 tetra like species. i see alot of tanks that have like 10 neons 10 of another tetra and that don't look as good as 20 of one tetra to me. but ill look into those rasboras and danios and see if i find an apealing specie.

    The kuhli loaches are called Kuhli ål in my language and that translates to kuhli eel. i have seen alot of eels that i would love to have for other tanks but they all get to big for my tanks so never gotten around to it now i found this kuhli loach and it fits the tank and are an eel like fish.

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    Gold and cherry barbs are also Asian fish that I have enjoyed keeping in the past.

  7. Default

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    Barbs gets to large for the tank. And my friend told me they are very nasty likes to bite the fins of other fish. so rasboras will fit the tank alot better.

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    Not all barbs are big and nippy. If you like barbs, try the cherry barb, which is small and nonagressive.

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    + 1 to madagascariensis for pointing out that not all barbs get big and nippy, some get big but the majority are not nippy. Five banded, Black ruby, Checker, and Cumings are all small and peaceful aling with the aformentioned Cherry, just to name a few.

    Tiger Barbs give this whole family a bad name.
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    thanks for all the info guys . Was just reading Nailroths question and got myself some good info. Thanks for asking it.
    ask ?'s and change some water pair of JD's and loving it.

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