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    Default Cycling and Plant Questions

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    Hey guys, I plan on starting a fishless cycle with my 50gal breeder next week, and I've read several threads on it but have one question: I read you can use media from an established tank, but what does that mean exactly? Should I give my buddy a new cartridge of mine and take his used cartridge for the bacteria? (I have a Marineland Penguin 350 btw) What is the best way to seed a cycling aquarium? Also, when is the best time to add live plants (during the cycle, after it's established, etc.)?

    Thanks in advance for the replies!!!

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    Your filters both use the same cartridge? THat's tough, because if you take his cartridge, his cycle will crash for sure. You could possibly squeeze his cartridge out into a clean container and get some seeding bacteria that way, and then pour that into your filter. Also, if he has gravel, you could see if he'd be willing to loan you some, and put it in one of those media bags (or a pantyhose, lol) and hang that in the tank to help seed, since the bacteria get onto all hard surfaces, not just the filter.

    I like to add my plants while I'm filling up the tank for the first time, before I start cycling. However, plants can be added any time. The cycling process won't hurt them.
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    Well if he's running a secondary filter on his tank and you guys can exchange cartridges I would say do it once you ensure that his tank inhabitants are healthy. Ensure you keep his cartridge wet when you move it. I would also suggest getting another filter as the 350 is only rated for tanks up to 70 gallons. Once his cartridge is inside your filter and your tank is running with dechlorinated water, you can add your plants. While your filter would be cycled at this time your tank would not be mature. As there would be no fish in right away I strongly suggest dosing an ammonia source to keep the beneficial bacteria alive in your filter.

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    Ahhh alrighty. Thank you for the replies!!!

    Mojo, my tank is 50 gallons. Why I would need extra filtration if the filter is rated for 70 gallons? (No disrespect, just curious as to why)

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    m0st pe0ple here w0uld agree that a minimum 0f 2x capacity 0f filtrati0n is needed. S0 , in y0ur case a minimum 0f 100 gall0n capacity is a g00d start.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longshot View Post
    m0st pe0ple here w0uld agree that a minimum 0f 2x capacity 0f filtrati0n is needed. S0 , in y0ur case a minimum 0f 100 gall0n capacity is a g00d start.
    Oh okay, I understand. Thanks!

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    That's what we are here f0r, t0 learn and educate! L00k f0rward t0 seeing y0ur pictures.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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    You could always run your filter on his tank for a week weeks to get yourself a bunch of good bacteria in your own filter too.

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    That is an 0pti0n, but it might take m0re than a week 0r tw0. Either way it will take s0me time t0 get it g0ing right. It w0uld be just as easy t0 take s0me sp0nge and put it int0 the friends filter f0r awhile and transp0rt it h0me in a zipl0ck bag full 0f mature tank water and install it int0 y0ur filter t0 seed it. less t0 m0ve ar0und.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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    Well I certainly appreciate the advice!!! Thank you all

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