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    LOL... I will admit I only knew about the Ammonium Chloride because I looked for "ammonium" on Foster Smith when I was learning about fishless cycling, and that was the only thing that came up!

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    I know we keep saying "thanks" but all this info is really appreciated... :)

    Tiari: We did a shopping list based on the posts but this is more complete - we've been walking around with a copy. there's stuff we haven't found yet - i went to the w/sale importers and even they don't have, guess i'll have to order online, but it takes about 2 weeks to get here. in the meantime:
    fungus cures and antibiotics - so far we've found
    - Tetra Fungus Guard fizz tabs- product description: "fungus Guard treats a variety of fungus and bacteria-related conditions on tropical fish and Goldfish including fungus, tail, fin or mouth rot, hemorrhagic septicemia, clamped fins, and dropsy." - sounds like a "cure all"?
    -Jungle brand fungus guard liquid "A first line of defense against fin and mouth fungus, sore spots and cotton fungus. Also effective as a preventive."
    -jungle brand fungus care fizz tabs "Safely clears fungus and bacteria-related conditions fast. No need to raise the water temperature. Clears furunculosis (open red sores), eye cloud (white hazy film on eyes), pop eye (enlarged eyes), and swim bladder disease (fish swims on side or upside down). Also protects against secondary infections."
    should we hold out until i can order online or get one of these?
    do not want to make any more unneccesary mistakes!!

    most stores here carry Tetra brand stuff apparently - one store has jungle and another has a brand i forgot to note - phyto naturals or something like that? that's about it really... as far as treatments, meds and food goes. accessories -well, there's a plethora of brands!

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    for a good med I recommend Pimafix and Melafix... all natural and work great

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    Jul 2013
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    Hi again, an update and a new set of questions - on cycling with fish using limited material!

    so far we have found api products but not the test kit - in any brand or form. no safestart either, and the "ammonite" stuff is labelled "marine" - which didn't stop the guy in the store (NOT the same where we got the fish btw) from trying to sell it and multiple other products including water conditioner and betta vitamins - to me in lieu of the Safestart :P

    I got some of the tetra Startzyme as i figured that'd help a little more than plain water conditioner for chlorine/ chloramines

    I also bought the test strips (tetra easy strips 6 -in-1) as it was all i could find - which brings me to my question:
    is there any other way to test for ammonia?? (and nitrites/ nitrates)? the strips test ph, alkalinity, chlorine, hardness, nitrates and nitrites but as you would know they're just a stopgap and better than nothing - not to mention the nitrate test results don't exactly match the indicator guide provided)

    also, i haven't got the tank yet so we moved them to that 10 gallon plastic container because we figured they might have a fighting chance in there rather than in the 2.5gal. we still have 6 fish - 3 guppies, incl the 2 tiny ones, surprisingly enuf! + the molly + the swordfish + the remaining zebra danio.

    I used about half the water from the 2.5g and added startzyme. did not clean the filter in making the move. how much water should i be changing at what frequency?

    i've resigned myself to ordering online, since even the wholesale place didn't have what we were looking for, but as i said it takes about 2 weeks, so any suggestions (preferable to condolences!!) in the meantime are welcome. if there are none i guess we'll take condolences...

    thanks again guys

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