Ok that seems easy enough, I got most of my parts and assembled them in my head here since I don't have that co2 line or bubble diffuser yet. co2 tank with regulator which has gauges for tank pressure and working pressure (with a head that tightens or loosens the opening) to solenoid valve to bubble counter to my powerhead diffuser (which has a + and - to adjust the flow). Where the values on the regulator should be I can see in a green area with the rest of the meter being red but that's all I got to go off.

ReDSea paintball co2 paintball setup with Solenoid instructions would of been nice if any1 knows of a pdf in english or something some1 wrote online.

I also have a paintball tank adapted filler which is nifty for refilling the tanks myself. My only concern is the paintball tanks haven't been hydro-tested in 2 years so I need to find somewhere to do that; I won't mess around with safety issues.