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    My nieghbor has all kinds of cichlids and the krib I gave him is fine in his tank. How hard is your water? You may be OK...

    If you can't get the rams or apistos anyway...then the decision is easy - get the krib! Unless you want to order online and have them shipped which I hear can certainly be done but can be pricey with shipping
    Check out my 55 Gallon, planted, Philly themed community tank! Rummynose and Cardinals, dwarf cichlids, plecos, shrimps

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    Went to LFS, got a female Krib and a Keyhole Cichlid (after recommendations from the store owner) and while trying to make a cichlid/schooling tank. They both seem to be doing well in our very hard water but it may be helping that I started using drip acclimation.

    The ONLY problem is that they've become a gang. I have this 55 gallon tank and all the silvertip tetras are afraid to come out because if they get too close to the two new gals, they'll get nipped at. In fact, I had two silvertip tetras die recently and it looks like a lot of fin damage occurred (before or after death). I still have 5 of them left but I'm thinking about moving them to one of my other tanks that would be more peaceful (if I can catch them). The bristlenose pleco seems fine in there though and can easily avoid the two slightly aggressive fish.

    Any recommendations for possible tankmates for a Bristlenose, Krib and a Keyhole Cichlid with hard water?

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    Then again...maybe the silvertip tetras are dying from the hard water and just getting picked on by the cichlids in the process...

    Thinking maybe I should go with adding like 12 danios...may be a little more hardier.

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    Try some larger tetras maybe? The water can't be that hard where they are dieing so most likely they are getting messed with. If you have hard water and want cichlids, why not go african cichlid?
    Check out my 55 Gallon, planted, Philly themed community tank! Rummynose and Cardinals, dwarf cichlids, plecos, shrimps

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