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    Thanks all! I like the ideas I have gotten fr0m this feedback sessi0n. The 2 x 30B s0unds great especially with the wider f00tprint. After talking with an0ther member via PM ab0ut beefier 0verhead framing I am sure it will h0ld the extra weight with n0 w0rry. As these will all be planted, lighting is g0ing t0 be crucial- I like the l00k 0f th0se lights, Hardy- I'm assuming th0se will be suitable f0r 25" water. and 0f c0urse I think I can get away with T5H0 dual bulb 6500K hidden in the t0p f0r the 0verhead tanks. N0t sure ab0ut the canisters yet, I might DIY them in the name 0f saving a bunch 0f m0ney. Will likely use a small p00l pump in line and use 2 p0nd filter cans with UV and back flushes plumbed t0 accept a h0se t0 the sink f0r PWC's. I als0 like the idea 0f trying t0 use them Hyd0r inline heaters that s0me 0f y0u are using, w0uld like t0 keep this pr0ject as clean as p0ssible. Thinking that any in tank plumbing will be clear PVC, and the intakes will able t0 be changed 0ut t0 l0nger tubing by using MPT and FPT fittings as t0 av0id extra drilling f0r PWC setups.
    The st0cking list is als0 preliminary, n0t sure h0w the Sevs will d0 with many 0f the plants, but in the 240- the planned tetras are are certain. In the overheads I w0uld l0ve t0 d0 s0me dwarf cichlids in 0ne and if I can (h0mew0rk needed here) I have always wanted rummynose and ne0ns- in the 0ther. But I need t0 research water c0nditi0ns t0 make sure every0ne will be g00d with the same water in all 3 tanks.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

  2. Default

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    i'd say in the 30s:

    Tank 1:
    4 Apistos (1m 3f)
    10-15 cardinals

    Tank 2:
    4 Apistos
    10-15 rummey nose tetras

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardy85 View Post
    i'd say in the 30s:

    Tank 1:
    4 Apistos (1m 3f)
    10-15 cardinals

    Tank 2:
    4 Apistos
    10-15 rummey nose tetras
    H0w d0 y0u feel ab0ut s0me megared cacatuoides? the pr0blem is they are like 40$ each at the LFS. any other suggestions f0r apist0? w0uld like t0 have 2 different kinds. Agassizii? Borelli? Inconspicua? L00king f0r a bag 0f skittles in each tank that p0p against all black backgrounds and Black Diam0nd Sand.

    Any suggestions 0n types 0f SA plants that Sevs d0n't munch? The idea is t0 try t0 biotope this setup with as little n0n SA as p0ssible, 0f c0urse java m0ss and fern are probably g0ing t0 end up in there but that is alm0st unavoidable in s0me cases.
    Last edited by Longshot; 07-27-2013 at 05:58 PM.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

  4. Default

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    The mega reds are pretty cool

    Common(er) types are:

    For plant types:
    Brazilian Micro Sword
    Water Sprite
    Amazon Sword - if you get these big they may be ok, specially if you start with small fish

  5. #25


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    L0L, y0 must have answered when I was editing last p0st- added B0relli t0 the questi0n. Great minds and all.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

  6. Default

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    Look up the vegita apisto. They have them on the wet spot. Look awesome

  7. #27


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    Th0se apistogramma viejita are really nice l00king fish, they remind me 0f the mega reds in a way. If they are less expensive I might g0 with these instead. Sharp eye!
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

  8. Default

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    WoW..... Verrry, Very nice.

    I am voting for the Leopoldi Stingray over the motoro if you are letting the forum vote fish in.

    Be sure to take pics!
    Active Learning Consists of Engaging With Educated People, Being O.K. With Being Incorrect, Engaging in Conversation No Matter What Your Experience Level, Accepting Positive Criticisms, Offering Your Best Information, And Maintaining A Healthy Attitude. If you Are Not Speaking You Are Only Learning At Half Mast. No One Can Give Feedback On Your Thoughts, Only On Your Words And Actions.

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    In the l0ng run I have decided against rays altogether. I d0 appreciate y0ur input th0ugh. If I were t0 get a ray I w0uld put t0 a p0ll because they are b0th very nice choices.

    Was l00king ar0und f0r 30 breeders, them things are a bit pricey c0mpared t0 0ther similarly sized tanks. But in the end w0uld be w0rth the purchase, the f00tprint is the aspect that makes it w0rth paying f0r, al0ng with the relatively shallow height.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

  10. Default

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    yea that is the only tough thing with the 30g Br... the 40g Br are only $40 but 6" taller - so always an option

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