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    Default Thinking ab0ut future aquarium plans

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    S0, I'm sitting here c0ntemplating what I want 0ut 0f my future aquarium, I am thinking that I want a 240 gall0n wide (72"x30"x25" tall) and I want a amaz0n semi bi0t0pe, live planted 0f c0urse, with black diam0nd sand and black backgr0und. Want t0 build 1000gph filtrati0n and an0ther 0verhead tank like I had 0n my 150 ( except a 55 instead 0f a 20 l0ng). )f c0urse I'm g0ing t0 need t0 c0nsider lighting upgrades 0n a massive scale f0r a deep tank, as well. but M0stly I was thinking 0f my future st0ck, and I think I like this:
    2-blue acara (females)
    2-marble veil angels 0r sm0key
    2- r0tkeil severum
    2- super red severum
    15- c0lumbian tetras
    15- c0ng0 tetras
    1- le0p0ldi 0r m0t0r0 stingray

    Pr0jected pH 0f 6.6, temp 80F, weekly pwc 0f 40% and setting up R0DI t0 s0ften the water. Heavy 0n driftw00d 0n the ends with r0ckw0rk and a few large bald patches 0f sand f0r the ray t0 burr0w in. Any feedback? lighting requirements? pref plants f0r SA setup?
    0f c0urse the water change regimen will have t0 be super strict f0r the stingray, but hey, if ya wanna play with the big b0ys.....
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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    als0 st0ck f0r 55 gall0n 0verhead
    6 striped headstanders and 20 0r s0 rummyn0se and 20 0r s0 ne0n tetras.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

  3. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    I would really like to help, but I suffer from dyslexia and all those 0's are really messing with my brain lol. Tried a few times to read it but it's not workin out for me
    "At some point you aren't making the animal more dead...You are just making a bigger mess." - Demjor19

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    I would suggest either building a all in one stand/canopy so the 55 gallon sitting above the tank is not resting on the tank but on a frame structure not supported by the tank, or go for a more traditional sump style set-up. You could even set the tank near a closet and put a sump in the closet so you will not hear the return pump running. The reason for my recommendation is some advice I got from the manufacture of my custom 180 gallon. I told him I wanted to set a TV on the top of my canopy to which he replied that much weight on the top of the tank would void the warranty. I would double check and make sure the tank could hold about 600 lbs sitting on top of it before putting your 55 gallon up there.

    As for the stocking, I really love the idea of the tetras and sevrums you have mentioned. That combination would look great. One thing to watch for is the sevrums ripping up plants. Sometimes, depending on the personality of the fish, that can be a problem. I'm not too familiar with the rest of your stocking list

    I'm looking forward to seeing this set-up develop
    Last edited by Cliff; 07-21-2013 at 05:05 AM.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    certainly is a great idea, might build shelving units 0r cabinets 0n the ends t0 dress it up and help hide equipment. Build the stand l0w with en0ugh space f0r sump and pumps underneath and build 0verhead high en0ugh t0 make easy access int0 main tank and set back a bit s0 the back 0f b0th tanks are flush, hmmmm. Might have t0 draw this 0ne 0ut 0n paper. with an exp0sed sump face can setup refugium with shrimp, pricey pr0ject but I have time, want t0 m0ve int0 a bigger place with a c0ncrete fl00r first. Tax seas0n can't c0me s00n en0ugh. Plan well ahead and get the plan right.
    Last edited by Longshot; 07-21-2013 at 11:10 PM.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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    Can't wait to see this Longshot. Are you going to have pics for us to see your progress? This will be exciting to watch!!
    ask ?'s and change some water pair of JD's and loving it.

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    Sounds like a good plan, I like the idea of combining chiclids with larger tetras in a tank that size.
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    a ray would uproot plants. they are constantly sifting the substrate for food. you would have to attach your plants to driftwood and such.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    I guess the ray has t0 stay at the LFS then, plants are m0re imp0rtant.In light 0f that- I guess that makes m0re r00m f0r plants. I will end up with s0me java moss and fern attached t0 st0nes and drift w00d but I want t0 get int0 0ther plants as well, I kn0w the severums might have at s0me 0f them t00, I tried a cattail in my 150 and my severum destroyed it in a few days, s0 the planning 0f the plants/lighting is g0ing t0 be the m0st time consuming. I have a fantastic resource p00l right here (the w0rld fam0us AC members) that I kn0w I can lean 0n with that th0ugh, s0 I'm n0t g0ing t0 stress 0ut, ;)
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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    Crude drawing 0f frame w0rk f0r future rig. N0T a technical drawing, clearly, Input?
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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