Heya, I was thinking of getting a few "mystery snails" from my local petsmart (probably blue and black if they have those colors) for my 40 gallon and my 5.5 gallon quarantine tank. I know they'll be fine in the 40 gallon, but I'm curious about the quarantine tank. I usually leave it up and running at the moment because I'm trying to stock both my 40 gallon and my 15 gallon (though mostly the 40 gallon) and it looks a tad empty with just a few fish and then sometimes nothing at all. I do dose it weekly with prazipro, but other than that it's just the glass tank with the bare necessities and 1-2 hiding places, depending on the fish I have in there. No gravel, no plants, nothing of those sorts. Would a Petsmart mystery snail be okay with that? I would quarantine the 2 I plan on putting in the 40 gallon anyways, but then they'd only be there for 2 weeks, what about permanently?

P.S. The QTank will be up for quite some time because, like I said, I'm trying to finish stocking 2 of my tanks that are both about half stocked, and then, if everyone stays alive and healthy for a month or 2 I was going to start on a 10 gallon glofish tank for my younger brother, after which, if I do disassemble the Q tank, the snail will move into the glofish tank.