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Thread: help, looks bad

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    valwow all of us here have learned over the years and speaking for myself, I've made my fair share of mistakes in this hobby. Dont get down. You've asked some very good questions and have been honest with your replies.
    Your on a good road now and I think your luck will turn around. Keep up the water changes.
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    Thank you :) that was very nice of you

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    Val, I would like you to consider this... You are content with current behavior of your tank. The fish in there have different growth rates and above all else are really REALLY volitile in a 'smaller' tank. Honestly in a 90 or even a 75gal I could consider these ok but the extra inches on a 75gal makes a large diffrence. I refer to a member FIshmommie's tank. She has two sev's, a gourami, a Jack dempsy (electric blue), a Jurupari, Congo Tetra, Serpae Tetra and some bn pleco's in a 90gal tank. They all have their territory but its deep and allows more swimming room than a 12in 55gal tank. You could see about upgrading again and the cycle you are trying to build wont be hurt if you just bring your filter over to the new tank.

    Something to consider for you would be replacing the Jack Dempsy (got its name from a boxer if that tells you anything), going and getting a few sevrum and making this solely a Fire Mouth/Sev tank. Sev's can get along in schools (4-6) and do well in a semi-aggressive community tank. You can also consider Rotkiel. The main focus would be A single Fire Mouth and 4 or so Sevs in the tank. You can then use some hardy barbs like filament or rosy barbs as dithers. I would do nothing but reduce my stocking until you have a full cycled filter.

    This is considered a very advanced level stocking by most people around me but I have seen it work and currently working. The key is to give each fish their territory and be prepared if you go with the same Sevrum type to split up mated pairs as they will dominate your small tank.
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    I second the 75 from a 55, I was able to do the entire swap as a wash (sold my 55 for more than I bought the 75 for)

    So it may be worth it to consider. The extra room is HUGE
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    thanks sandz, i understand what you're saying. i cant afford a larger tank right now so thats not really an option at this moment. ive read up on the JD and i know its going to get much bigger and aggressive and i dont want a hostile tank. i use a lot of rocks like lace rocks and river rocks to create caves and such, so they have spaces to create territories. so you think if i keep this tank i should get rid of my JD, ive been considering it but i just love him. like i said i didnt do any research before i bought them and the person i was talking to told me size wouldnt be an issue. im not sure what to do.
    im still doing the salt and heat treatment for the ich and my nitrites are down from before. im trying my best with what i have.
    i am noticing my sev, JD and one of the firemouths ganging up on the other firemouth so ive been worried, im not sure what to do.

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    Keep up the water changes, heat, and salt...stay the course, it will be fine...if you had another tank, you could isolate the bullied FM, but since you don't, you will have ti stick with what the others have helped you with...good luck to you.
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    i just bought me a 10 gallon hospital tank today,
    any suggestions for this?
    do i keep the heat and salt for the hospital tank even though the fish im putting in it doesnt show signs of ich. also the heater that came with it doesnt have a temp set (bought used from someone that just gave me everything they had) it automatically stays between 76 and 80 and my tank is currently at 88. would the drop in temp and change in salinity harm the fish ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by valwow187 View Post
    i just bought me a 10 gallon hospital tank today,
    any suggestions for this?
    do i keep the heat and salt for the hospital tank even though the fish im putting in it doesnt show signs of ich. also the heater that came with it doesnt have a temp set (bought used from someone that just gave me everything they had) it automatically stays between 76 and 80 and my tank is currently at 88. would the drop in temp and change in salinity harm the fish ?
    Even though he doesn't show outward signs of ich, he was exposed to it and it could be in his gills. You need to set the hosp tank temp at 88. I didn't use salt when I had an ich outbreak. Don't stop the treatment too soon - treat for a week after the spots are gone.
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