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Thread: help, looks bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by valwow187 View Post
    alright, thank you everyone with the help. i discontinued the medication and just did about half water change and added some aquarium salt using the dosage i found here
    and i actually have a few questions:
    do i keep my carbon filter out during the salt treatment or can i put it back in?

    Trick question... if you use a carbon insert in your filter as the primary area to host beneficial bacteria then no. If you added carbon as a means of removing medication, then yes.

    should i continue to do water changes with the salt in there, and if so should i add more salt and how much, just enough for the change or enough for the whole tank?

    Add to just the ammount of water you are replacing. Otherwise you risk heavy salt doses on fresh water fish.

    it completely slipped my mind when i went to petco for the salt to look at an airstone, ill probably go back and get one a little later on.
    i dont have a hospital tank at the moment but ill monitor my gourami and if i see hes not improving or getting worse after adding the salt ill see about geting one, is 10 gal sufficient for that?

    Yes and is generally the size we all use.

    do u guys think adding melafix would help him?

    One treatment at a time.

    again thank you so much for the help i really appreciate it
    and yes ill be sure to get a better test kit, do you know what would cause the nitrites to go up, and it only recently went up because i do test strips pretty regularly and it wasnt alway at .5, it was a 0, i just thought maybe it went up from the ich returning or the medication i put in or something.
    I think you had a minispike from your meds. They can sometimes affect the bacteria in your filter. Did you change your filter recently? Wash it in unchlorinated water? Anything like that? Its what we here call a mini-cycle.
    FW: 1 45gal, 1 40gal, 3 10gal, 3 30gal all community tanks of different species
    Sw: 1 55gal, 1 30gal show, 1 29gal show, 1 20gal and 2 10's

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    yes actually i did because my filter seemed really dirty and i rinsed it off a little but not all the way.
    so should it adjust itself after it does this minicycle?

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    If you rinsed it in untreated water you just chlorinated your filter which can kill most of your bacteria. It will regrow but you need to be doing daily water changed and water tests to determine how bad that filter is messed up.
    FW: 1 45gal, 1 40gal, 3 10gal, 3 30gal all community tanks of different species
    Sw: 1 55gal, 1 30gal show, 1 29gal show, 1 20gal and 2 10's

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    ok well its not in right now, so ill just get new filters instead of putting those back in. that doesnt sound too good, i guess ill never do that again.

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    yea, just rinse them in old tank water next time if they get clogged up. And when they start to litterally fall apart, save as much as you can to put into the new filter

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    So let me just point out... you have nitrite and most likely ammonia because you replaced a main part of your beneficial bacteria culture and you are basically cycling with fish. This most likely created the stress and that caused the ich... now you need to heavily water change every day at least 50% for about a month or until you register 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and 15 or so nitrates on a liquid regent test kit. I use and recommend the api master kit.
    FW: 1 45gal, 1 40gal, 3 10gal, 3 30gal all community tanks of different species
    Sw: 1 55gal, 1 30gal show, 1 29gal show, 1 20gal and 2 10's

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    really??? 50% everyday for a month? that seems like a lot. I heard it was bad to change too much water like that.

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    I would agree with Sandz suggested approach to handle this like you would when you are cycling with fish. There is a link below in my sig that explains the process. Test your water daily and complete enough of a waterchange daily to reduce the ammonia and nitrites down to 0.25ppm. For example if you ammonia or nitrites get to 1ppm, complete a 75% water change to bring them back down to 0.25ppm. After your tank is cycled, you still should do a larger water change each week. Most of us do a 50% (or larger) weekly water change

    Large water changes (like 50% or more) will not harm your fish when done right. It is very common for people who keep discus to complete larger daily or every second day water changes as their normal maintenance routine.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
    Fishless Cycle Cycling with Fish Marine Aquarium Info [URL=""]

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    Ick did not have enough time to die out so simply reproduced and returned.
    Not enough filtratration for that sized tank.
    You not only have the toxins from being uncycled but now have added ick medication to the water as well.
    And the fish you stocked can not be together in a 55 gallon tank. Small fish now does not mean small fish later?
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 07-20-2013 at 02:58 PM.

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    ok, ill start doing the water changes until it goes down, thanks for the help :)
    i know the fish in the tank arent exactly compatible
    i didnt do research before i got the new fish, i had a "buddy" that worked at the fish store and i shouldnt have trusted him but he knew what i had in the tank and i upgraded from a 29 gallon to a 55 gallon because i got the severum and when he got big i realized i needed a bigger tank and i just had the 2 fish so i went to get a few more and he told me the ones i got would be fine and his exact words when i questioned him about the size were "they wont out grow the tank"
    well ive been monitoring the fish and making adjustments as needed, like i got rid of 2 fish because they were aggressive and the were growing really fast, but as of right now the ones i have are working really good together, no bullies or really aggressive fish but if that changes or if i feel like some need to be taken out i will do so.
    ive already planed on setting up my 29 gallon again and i want to make it a planted tank and ill probably put the gourami in there but for right now thats a project for another day.
    im working on this tank for right now, im a beginner so i dont want to have 2 tanks going when i have problems with this one.
    i am worried about the size expecially the JD and of course the aggression but so far its not showing any aggression, its pretty chill, the JD and my severum are actually getting along pretty well, i feed them shrimp (the little pellet ones) as a treat sometimes and they both go crazy over it and they dont fight over it the eat it off the bottom side by side, so thats a pretty good sign, right?
    my two firemouths pretty much stick to themselves they chase each other around the JD will join in but they dont bully my gourami and my gourami will actually chase them around.
    update on my gourami, since i discontinued the medication and started the salt hes actually doing better, hes swimming around more and now eating, he didnt eat there for 2 days but last night and this morning he was eating so yay for progress.
    i really think that ich medicine did it. because right when i stopped it seemed like there was a turn a round. hopefully the salt and heat works for the ich. i did read a few that said it didnt work for them but im doing exactly what the article i read said to do i got my temp to 86 now and ill do a water change later and add more salt for the amount of the water change and cross my fingers everything works.
    woo long post, sorry. but thanks everyone

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