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alright, thank you everyone with the help. i discontinued the medication and just did about half water change and added some aquarium salt using the dosage i found here http://www.cichlid-forum.com/article...tment_tips.php
and i actually have a few questions:
do i keep my carbon filter out during the salt treatment or can i put it back in?

Trick question... if you use a carbon insert in your filter as the primary area to host beneficial bacteria then no. If you added carbon as a means of removing medication, then yes.

should i continue to do water changes with the salt in there, and if so should i add more salt and how much, just enough for the change or enough for the whole tank?

Add to just the ammount of water you are replacing. Otherwise you risk heavy salt doses on fresh water fish.

it completely slipped my mind when i went to petco for the salt to look at an airstone, ill probably go back and get one a little later on.
i dont have a hospital tank at the moment but ill monitor my gourami and if i see hes not improving or getting worse after adding the salt ill see about geting one, is 10 gal sufficient for that?

Yes and is generally the size we all use.

do u guys think adding melafix would help him?

One treatment at a time.

again thank you so much for the help i really appreciate it
and yes ill be sure to get a better test kit, do you know what would cause the nitrites to go up, and it only recently went up because i do test strips pretty regularly and it wasnt alway at .5, it was a 0, i just thought maybe it went up from the ich returning or the medication i put in or something.
I think you had a minispike from your meds. They can sometimes affect the bacteria in your filter. Did you change your filter recently? Wash it in unchlorinated water? Anything like that? Its what we here call a mini-cycle.