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    I already have one Albino corycat in the tank. He has been in it since the first day. Got over anxios and had three balas that died, corycat still going strong. LFS guy isn't just trying to sell me fish, has edgucated me some, I trust him, he tests my water and shows me the results as well as explaining them.

    To Imma24: Do your Barbs get along with your tetras?

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    My barbs are very docile (as cherry barbs normally are) - my entire tank has peaceful fish in it so everyone gets along fine.

    I wouldn't rely only upon your LFS to test your water - you should really use your own kit - stores tend to use strips which are not very reliable and some stores permit ammonia levels which can be harmful to fish - some stores will tell you your water is "fine" no matter how bad your parameters are also - not saying yours does but I've had that experience several times.

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    To Imma24: what do you think of my list of fish? can you suggest any alternatives

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    I know a local store that says low ammonia is fine (meaning tank is uncycled) or even 0,0,0 as being great. Only in some cases is 0,0,0 ok and it always means the tank is heavily planted

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    To:Imma24 what are your thoughts on my list of fish that I would like to have?? any suggestions.

    To all: I guess I don't understand the schooling aspect, but WHAT would be different if I got only two or three of the larger and only five of the tetras?????

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    +++ with a cycled tank. Cycling with a heavy st0ck can result in a huge am0unt 0f changed water in a 150g. I can relate t0 being new and impatient, but waiting f0r a properly cycled tank will be better 0n y0ur fish. Y0u may end up with a bunch 0f dead fish if things d0n't g0 well f0r y0u. C0ries are an0ther fish that w0uld be happiest in a sch00l. As f0r a crayfish, they will hunt any fish that sleeps 0n the b0tt0m 0r is t00 sl0w t0 outrun it. A 150g tank is awes0me t0 have and y0u can st0ck it up fairly as well and have l0ts 0f fish, but make sure they are c0mpatible as t0 av0id stress 0n the fish- take it fr0m, me catching a fast tr0uble making fish in a 150 is n0 fun. It t00k me 3 h0urs t0 catch an an0st0mus in a 150- th0ught I was g0ing t0 l0se my mind!!
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardy85 View Post
    I know a local store that says low ammonia is fine (meaning tank is uncycled) or even 0,0,0 as being great. Only in some cases is 0,0,0 ok and it always means the tank is heavily planted
    I've joked before in the past that you could bring some tap water into some stores and the employee will say "Your water's fine - time to buy fish!" LOL

    Honestly, I'm not the person to ask about such a large tank - schooling fish would probably be the nicest thing to have - a few nice sized schools (like 10-15 of each) of smaller fish (you can do so much with that sized tank), or stick with larger fish that don't need a school and will get along with each other (there are plenty of ways to create "territories" for more semi-aggressive fish). You can also have a nice amount of fish on the bottom (though, not to keep the tank clean - just fish you like that occupy the bottom).

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    Sch00ls are a fishes way 0f practicing "safety in numbers", They feel secure and safe when there are m0re 0f them. The m0re the merrier with many types 0f fish, the smaller fish like cardinals and ne0ns d0 well with as many as y0u can get away with (in a 150, y0u can have 10s 0f them- they are l0w bi0 l0ad) and cl0wn loaches and c0ries w0uld be really happy with 5 0r m0re. With angelfish get a male and multiple females - multiple males can get pretty tense, they are cichlids.
    M0st 0f y0ur sharks are actually catfish and will get rather large- many will eat whatever they can put in their m0uth eventually. Rainb0ws like b0esmani rainb0ws are very attractive, easy t0 care f0r and prefer a large tank 0ver 4 feet l0ng t0 swim in (y0u have that).
    Last edited by Longshot; 07-17-2013 at 01:24 PM.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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    To Longshot: what are your thoughts on my list of fish??
    3 Bala sharks
    2 Clown Loaches
    5+ Cardinal tetras
    1 Angelfish

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    Balas are catfish and will get large, I have never had them but they are neat l00king, n0t sure if in time they will try t0 eat the cardinals 0r n0t. The cardinals are nice l00king fish and w0uld certainly say g0 f0r them in quantity (20). As f0r the angelfish He will get large en0ugh t0 eat the cardinals if he has a g00d life - he will pick them at night if he can, when he has the advantage. If y0u ch00se t0 get an angelfish, get him last- they tend t0 think they 0wn all they survey if they are put in bef0re any0ne else and therefore will get nippy with al0t 0f 0ther fish. Cl0wn loaches are beautiful and have great personalities- they play dead, L0L but get 5 0r m0re 0f them. They gr0w kind 0f sl0w c0mpared t0 many other fish but they d0 get BIG. They are extremely social critters and really thrive in decent sized gr0ups. If the angelfish is a must I w0uld g0 with a larger tetra such as red and blue columbians, buenos aires, 0r emperor tetras.
    When in d0ubt read it until it makes sense, then read it again!

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